The no one set up a game thread

Game thread.

Philly comes to Charlotte minus Charlotte killer Mike Scott

Tight rims for us so far. About time for us to hit some of this open shots.

The lack of defensive rebounding is frustrating. The lack of being able to hit anything from outside or inside is defeating.

This team has so much fight

I feel like everytime we are on a win streak Philly comes and ruins it

Yeah, but I feel like we fought and made it competitive right up to the end against one of the best teams in the league, so I feel ok.

Embid is another guy that I have no business hating, but he just seems unfair.

Love this team. All fight. Great hustle play by Melo to not give up and snag the ball away from embiid. Loved seeing that.

I still feel that this team isn’t that far away from competing in the east, now that Melo has confirmed that he is indeed a baller. Need a big guy (I know, ive spoken about John Collins ad nauseam) and a backup big (a guy like Bobby Portis comes to mind).

I have an announcement.

Miles Bridges is my favorite player.

We even make games that are out of reach fun

Hornets Law says we see these guys in the first round of the playoffs. Lol just a bad matchup for us right now.


Starting or not, Lamelo absolutely HAS to get more minutes than devonte moving forward. A must. It’s no secret that I don’t share the love for Graham that others do. I love his heart, and value him as a guy getting 20-25 minutes a night/spot starter. That’s it.

JB came around to playing Monk finally, and I suppose he’ll come around on this issue as well.

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