The where is the Game Thread, Game Thread

If we didn’t have LaMelo this would be bad


Losing streak incoming.

Oubre obviously cold and we are just riding with him for some reason. Bouknight back in the doghouse I guess.

Players learn more by sitting on the bench. Everyone knows that :wink:

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I hate us. Just great inbounding plays after timeouts there. JB is great at that.

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PJ should faked that shot ugh could have a clear driving lane. Oh well. Big weekend games hope we bring it.

It’s the Hornets way

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That gave the Celts the tie breaker correct?

One more game 3/10

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last 2 years played ball through multi injuries, protocols, shooting slumps…with one consistent is no Hayward, no win

9-19 w/o Hayward last year
2-5 so far w/o Hayward this year

all teams have glue guys, Vegas has to keep metrics on them, and a Gordometer for Hornets
top 6 seed/play in/lottery depending how many games Gordon can stay on court

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