The There Was a Game Tonight Thread

Players played. Some of them even scored. Hooray sports team!!!

Maybe I’ll wake up one morning in the next few months and see that James Bouknight is no longer on the team. The biggest headlines he’s had has been for his DWI and other run ins with the law. Between that and chatter about how bad he’s played, that’s been the extent of the James Bouknight talk.

The biggest help for the team James Bouknight would be is to help us tank and land that number one draft pick. And he’s been crushing that so far this year. So hats off to you James. Great job.

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I’d rather wake up and see Oubre was traded. Even on what was his best night it frustrates the hell outta me to watch him jack up and miss 3s and display his low BBIQ play.

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We continuously get screwed by referees against Miami. Yall wait until you see this

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And it just happened. Haha

And wtf was that. Why even use timeouts? I hate us

Refs had Miami tonight WOW. Bs travel call and then no call on a foul on a 3

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And add another ankle injury to the list with Dennis Smith Jr. Smh

Still dumb shit. It’s our fault for being stupid. Why can’t we get a coach who can draw up an inbounds play after a timeout.

Only our important players get hurt. It’s ridiculous.

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Cliff’s sub patterns - highly questionable
Cliff’s ATOs - woefully bad
Cliff’s need to call time outs - ok until you look up at #1 and #2

But at least he’ll fall on the sword and blame the players in a post game. If he didn’t, that’s on me but I’m not listening to them anymore.

You misspelled plumlee

Wait, did you just pull up a chair with Powell and myself and start playing your cello? Hey, was that Leo and Kate that just ran by and was she wearing that necklace?

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NBA Great Mason Plumlee


I will say this hear . I hated Cliff when he was hear the first time . And i hate him now. Cliff never could call a inbound pass play. And he can’t call one now. JB was better at all most ever thing . At least we could score and we can’t do that now . We back to that crawl style of playing. Sub pattern is back to shit. And back to no real game management. Most wanted him I all ways knew he a hudge piece of shit.


Senator Plumlee the Amphibious is going to become our new Iron Man. He will never get hurt, and will achieve the NBA record of most consecutive games played. This will be a new entry into Hornets Law.

I would say that no coach would look good with our lineup situation. Terry and Oubre are our only scorers on the team. Terry is inconsistent because of coming back from his ankle, and Oubre is inconsistent because of Oubre.

Jalen and PJ will shoot well 1 game out of every 3 or 4. Bouknight and Thor will go games without even hitting a shot. DSJ is solid but not a scorer. Wilt Plumlerlain can only hit so many left handed shots per game. It is so easy to game plan against us, even a ham biscuit could do it. Force Terry and Oubre to take bad shots, and its an automatic win.

The fact that we even take leads in the end of any of these games defies logic. I’m surprised we got back in the game after being down double digits.


I just don’t see a different Cliff than we saw years 4 and 5. My concern is if the lineup is an excuse to give him more runway. I don’t want him here after he completes his tanktastic season.

He was once aguy that lent us credibility. The front office’s lack of moves year in year out hasn’t kept that at an acceptable water level. His rehire has undermined our credibility.

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I hear you, but there honestly is no way of knowing if anything is different with his coaching. Losing your best player is tough for any team, take away the top 4 and not a single team in the league will do well.

Just plotting it out for exercise purposes:
Boston minus Tatum/Brown/Smart/Brogdon
Starters are now D. White/Grant Williams/Sam Hauser/Vonleh/Horford - with Pritchard/Kornet/B Griffin for depth

Milwaukee minus Giannis/Jrue/Lopez/Portis
Starters are now Jevon Carter/Grayson/Nwora/Beauchamp/Ibaka - with Hill/Matthews/Mamukelashvili for depth

Cleveland minus Mitchell/Garland/Mobley/Levert
Starters are now Neto/Not Dwyane Wade/Osman/Love/Allen - with Okoro/R. Lopez/Stevens for depth

Suns minus Booker/Bridges/Ayton/Paul
Starters are now Payne/Shamet/Cam Johnson/Craig/Landale - with Biz/Lee/Saric for depth

Grizzlies minus Ja/Bane/Brooks/JJJ
Starters are now Tyus Jones/Konchar/Clarke/Adams/LaRavia - with Aldama/Roddy/Tillman for depth

And those are the deeper/contending teams. They could steal a game or 2 (like we did with Hawks and Warriors) but it would be completely unsustainable. Us middle of the road/fringe play-in teams have zero chance after a few games. Darvin Ham’s record would be the same. Quinn Snyder’s record would be the same. The ghost of Red Auerbach would squeeze out an extra victory, look at the roster shape, smoke on his cigar, and immediately head back to the afterlife.


The W/L record isn’t my concern QC, it’s the look of guys being completely over saturated on the court. My 5th year constant complain was that he was putting guys in places to fail. That went for almost everyone but Kemba… and with Kemba, he was put in a place to be over depended upon.

I think he’s an assistant and probably a great one. I think he can form relationships with any player, he’s good for that. But can he give a guy a concise thing to do, like a simple bullet list? I don’t think so. His players - with few exceptions - seem to spend a lot of early seasons just trying to figure out their lane on the court for him. I think that’s where a great head coach lives, in easy and simple communication. They can expand that over the course of a year but they can communicate out of the gate. I don’t think Cliff can.

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I agree he’d be a great assistant, he’d probably be an even better college coach. And I’m not trying to all out defend Cliff either, I’m all in on hiring a top notch coach when the time comes. Firing him would be transactional, wouldn’t even be a blip on the NBA radar.

But I wasn’t just referring to W/L records either. I think it’s near impossible to put a ragtag group of players who are not used to bigger roles, let alone knowing how to play in the league in the first place, and be successful. As I said about scoring, we have 2 right now. We need to score, but nobody else can be relied on.

We need 20 a night from PJ, but he can’t do it. Bouk is one of the more naturally gifted “scorers” on the team, but putting responsibility on him has led to 3 or 4 embarrassing 0-fers on the year. Jalen I feel like is in a good role, but is really inconsistent. And it took him 4 years to even get to this point. Nick took that long to get there, Thor and Bryce will probably take that long. Thor can’t even catch and shoot right now.

I just feel there is no coaching to fix the offense right now. You can’t turn a non creator into a creator. Can’t turn a non shooter into a shooter. And simple roles would be ideal, but when you need more out of multiple players to break 100 to even compete in a game, then you have no choice but to put bigger responsibilities on certain guys, to be forced to trust someone before their time, and mistakes and chaos will reign supreme.

Its an impossible position, and I just don’t think any coach would be successful with this roster, like at all.

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