The Quarantine Hornets vs Sixers

I don’t think we’ve ever been able to beat Embiid so this will be interesting

PJ lackadaisical again tonight. Haven’t seen it in a little bit. Needs to get with picture

He’s played 4 minutes and has 2 boards and two assists.

He’s going to be ok.

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And a block on Drummond. And a block on Niang.

Bouknight has a lot more energy tonight

If you follow Formula 1, I’d categorize last night’s game (Bouk) as his installation lap. Tonight he’s putting in real laps.

There is literally no two plays in this game this comment makes any sense.

What up with Ish?

I am sitting at the game 25 feet away from him. He started out the game with his last year stuff. Picked it up after the first TO he was in.

Covid protocols

I strongly challenge your view on his play.

Nick Richards having by far his best game as a Hornet

As I mentioned, he started out the game with his old slow reflexes, got more into game after his first Timeout

Easily. But have to wonder how much gas he has in the tank after so many short stint games.

On gas tanks, Wonder how much Embiid has if this can stay real tight down the stretch.

Anyways, our guys are fighting HARD. 6ers getting away with a ton of contact inside

Oubre doing some crazy ballin right now.


Ugh man if only Miles shot could fall


What an absolute joke

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