Huge game brothers

This is a statement opportunity

You beat Milw twice, 6ers, Knicks in the Cathedral on a sacred day and Boston …

All in week and half…

You put the East on notice

I just hate what Tatum does to us… we need our boys to lock his butt down


I hate what Nationally Televised does to us. We have such a bad record against them. Hopefully the MIL win was a move away from that performance anxiety. That or we need a National Championship going on concurrent with every nationally televised game.

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Nice pull

That’s cool

The pains of living with roomates. I walk out of my bedroom excited to finally be able to watch a Hornets game and it not be on my computer. I get out there and one of my roommates is watching a movie with a random girl.

Gordo story line is key here, I have to be honest… he often does not show up when we need him to “Alpha!”

We shall see

What movie?

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Tough whistle so far

I think they’re watching Game of Thrones actually, but he pays for the YouTube TV that gives us ESPN so he can watch as much tv as he wants aslong as I keep getting the free YouTube tv.

Back to the game, Don’t like all the opportunities we’re wasting

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Tell her to leave. Haha

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Only a Hornets tread would go to “what movie”

I’m also interested in which flick…

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PJ looking like the bad PJ tonight.

Don’t know if we can win with Miles, Gordo and PJ all having off games

Hope to see Miles dunk on Freedom

What wrong with Freedom?

Other than being goofy

Wasn’t stating wether I liked or didn’t like the guy just think it’d be funny to hear Eric yell something like “MILES OBLITERATES FREEEDOM”



Big finish to the quarter there. Man Oubre has been huge.

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Hopefully we can finish strong

Lets go!!!

Over this hot streak, Ive seen so many instances of this team being able to persevere through sequences that would typically lead to falling apart.

You know, the old hornets that would get rattled because of a bad 3-4 minutes stretch…then start turning the ball over, jacking bad shots, and looking lost. They get rattled less easily and don’t lose focus.

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