Game 1: Tank Battle with the Spurs

Alright, time for the fun to begin. At least we start the year at .500. I mean technically its zero, but this might be the latest in the season our record is even, if not for our lottery rivals, the San Antonio Pointy Spinny Boot Things trying to spoil things.

Everyone on the board is at least on board to witness the beginning of the train wreck (while sitting in the actual train), right?

Good chance of winning tonight, but being on the road, we probably aren’t going to shoot very well. Game might be a throwback to the '00s with a 89-85 type final score.


  1. Can Terry play point like a point guard?
  2. Does Bouknight even suit up?
  3. Does PJ step up into a leadership role finally?
  4. Which rookie or second year player is going to get playing time to contribute this year?
  5. Can Plumee actually hit a shot with his left hand?


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Vegas has the line at EVEN

I don’t bet on sports, but the one thing I learned early in life is to never bet on Charlotte sports teams. You will lose regardless of which side you pick.


LOL the line is EVEN. With the number one tanking team going into the season. Man this team is going to suck.

This one can go either way

Something compels me to watch… alas as a YoutubeTV subscriber I’ll not

Running the MKG curl for Gordon opening possession

Don’t like this sub pattern at all. Hayward or Terry needs to be on the floor at all times. While Melo is out

Spurs are really bad. They’re definitely going to be bottom 3, or top 3, depending on how you look at it, in the league

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Cody Martin injured. Gone to the locker room. SMH.

My VPN workarounds aren’t working. Doesn’t matter which city I put, they keep saying I’m local or that I’m out of country.

Still don’t understand why they blackout the home markets. People are willing to still pay money to watch on their own subscription services.

Guess I’ll have to give in to our Bally overlords now…

Anyone else watching the game on the Bally App. I was always able to watch last year with my dad’s spectrum login. This year, it will only let me watch the Hawks for some dumb reason. My parents live in NC. Super frustrating.

I’m scared to subscribe to it b/c I feel like it won’t let me watch Hornets games and I’m in Wilmington. $20 a month is silly to me.

After you switch cities with VPN, make sure to log in from incognito. Cookies and cache make you appear with your previous location.

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Holy shit the spurs are bad. They’re going to be legendary this season. Now that my friends is the proper way to tank. This is better than the 76ers tank jobs.

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James Bouknight keep on chucking it buddy! You’re already 0-3!

I’m surprised bouknight is playing tonight

I just got home from work and am very surprised to see us winning

In 16 minutes jalen duren has 12 points 8 rebounds and 3 blocks.

I don’t know if I’ll ever truly understand why we traded him.


Half looking at iPhone
Spectrum iphone app blocked until VPN disconnect