Game 3: I-85 Battle

Will this be the game Bouknight finally makes a shot?

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MKG might not have been a shooter to say it kindly but he had a significant basketball iq, led the team’s on-ball and team defense and had a better handle than Bouk as well as he was a tremendous human and teammate. They aren’t comparable.


:pray: :pray:

10 char

Yeah baby!

We phinna win a ship!

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I just started liking you again. Spot on

I thought we would have a lot more posts - up 20 and kicking ass with our starting backcourt out? Shiiiit let’s go


Who is this Nick Richards guy? LOL One quarter to go…

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Bouknight made a couple lays defensively in the 3rd. At least he has made some progress today

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Yes, Bouk got some points tonight and hasn’t looked horrible on D

This win is all Clifford in my eyes. He just outclasses JB by a lot. Last year this team wouldn’t have showed up.

I am truly surprised, and got my hopes up!


Dear Tank Commander @powellrmp forgive me for I have sinned.

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While wins aren’t necessarily what we want this season, this was a tremendous team win. Richards is starting to look legit. I’m loving me some Dennis Smith Jr. McDaniels, Bouk and Thor were solid and Oubre, Hayward and Plumlee were the steady vets we needed them to be. Lots of effort and energy. This team has been way more fun to watch than I would’ve imagined this season. Suffice it to say, I would’ve never expected the Panthers and Hornets to go 2-0 today.


If Richards plays like this it moves up up multiple tiers. CRAZY.

And Smith has been great.

Nice to see exceptionally competent coaching, big difference. We are making adjustments on the fly, great to see.


Btw I think that Plumlee may be our ultimate Tank Commander this season lol

Cliff really shouted out Dennis Smith Jr for his defense and I totally agree. The way he moves and can stay in front of point guards is impressive. That means a lot on that 2nd unit.

With him and Richards becoming legit rotation pieces, we are going to have some good depth once everyone gets back. McDaniels has shot it well and Kelly Oubre Jr has been consistent and not just jacking up a bunch of 3s either.

I think it says something for these guys to go back to where it all ended last year and kick Atlanta’s ass too. That shows me something.


Ok, wait, wait, hold on… so Panthers AND Hornets win…on the same day? Today’s the prime example of why you can never bet on Charlotte sports, ever. Good or bad. I mean, trade away your best player, start your 4th sting QB who couldn’t even pass more than 2 yards last week, get rid of a starting wide receiver, against Tom Brady… and they kick their ass??

Lose your top 3 scorers from last season, have only 2 pg’s who may have just met the team a week ago, against your nemesis who destroyed you last year, on their home floor… and they kick their ass???

Maybe the more good players we get rid of, the better they get. Cut Gordon’s legs off, maybe a top 4 seed is in the running. Get rid of DJ Moore…Super Bowl Time!!

Anyway, I give all the credit to Cliff. The effort on defense is night and day, just effort in general is good. And offensively, they’re not just hunting open 3s like JB was running, but actual passing and cutting. When DSJ was talking to Ms. Ashley in the post game, he was even proud of how most of his scoring wasn’t anything 1 on 1, but when he gave the ball up, cut, and got it back.

I’m really proud of Nick. Seems most fans had already decided he wasn’t a keeper, but I’ve never seen sudden growth like this in a second round fringe big. He’ll never be an offensive focal point or anything, but growing into a Javale McGee/Jarrett Allen clone is a godsend for this team. And the confidence he’s building only enhances that.

Still don’t know what to think of the team. The early part of the season is always weird, but then again, one of the tenants of Hornets law is we always start seasons slow. But its actually fun watching games again, and that’s all you can really ask for.



Lol frank kaminsky is on the hawks

What is happening.

“What a weapon Plumlee is” - Eric Collins (on Nick Richards’ breakout night)

Love EC but I’ve heard enough Thor puns. Let the man be an NBA player.

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