Bouk coming alive vs CHI

Nice to see Bouk shooting well. I figured someone should open a game thread.


I was there tonight. Nice Friday crowd but when PJ went down any chances of keeping this fun run going were over. It was obvious Chicago was locked in from the start.

They are an underachieving bunch up there, even with Lonzo’s injury they should be a Top 6 east team.

Bouk played well when he played within the flow of the offense, it was really great to see in these extended minutes. His defense has improved a great deal. I liked especially Cliff running a couple of set plays for him resulting in buckets.

Watching the highlights probably gives a better view of it than it maybe was but the young guys flashed some. Williams seemed to have a rough night though. Would be so nice if Bouknight could get some confidence and maturity and please put on a little muscle!

Cliff’s rotation of the centers I’m sure isn’t ideal for any of those guys but Richards and Kai definitely played better overall. Nick hitting a 3 was a definite highlight lol

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I love Eric Collins


Glad he is signed for next year . That should give us time to figure out if he is worth keeping. He is at least showing a few flashes of late.

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Hopefully he ends the year strong and comes into next year ready and I hope they have minutes to give him.

He looks so smooth in those highlights. It’s has so much talent. That is pretty clear.

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Talent was never his problem. If he can become more mature, stop making stupid off court choices and be an acceptable defender, he will get minutes next season.