Let's start strong at home against Raptops

We need this game to start fresh and get out of the slump.
Cody Martin is probable for tonight, whereas Gordan and McDaniels are out. Bouk and Jones assigned to Swarm (weird if you ask me).

Martin Back. Thor now in rotation over Bouk. Bouk odd man out.

Big game for us, damn near must win at this point of the season

I didn’t see where Bouk was assigned to the Swarm, but I did see that Kai was.


Let’s keep this going through 4 quarters tonight please.

Attitude and urgency. Definitely fresh with the break, with Detroit on Sunday this would be a huge win

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When Mason Plumlee is taking you off the dribble and dunking you need to re-evaluate your life. Lol


I’m still not confident we’ll win this game. Can’t ever get my hopes up now. Haha

Khem Burch fucking sucks. One of the worst rotation guys in the league. Yuck.

Was nice seeing Thor get minutes.

Harrell has a motor.

The good Oubre is back. We have a knack of winning when he shoots well.

I’m guessing it’s still a few weeks away for Hayward? Yeesh.

Gotta get the win rolling guys. I think this stretch of 5-7 games after the break will tell us where this team is going. Now or never.


Awesome victory. Montrezz playing hard even in garbage time was awesome

Love to see it. We’ve been needing a guy like that. Who has one setting: GO. Need a guy like that to change the energy during cold shooting streaks

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Good look tonight fellas

Loved the lineup of Terry or Melo Bridges at the two Thor at the three Washington at four and Trez at the five . It’s been a lot of games we were just two small.

That said Thor impressed me tonight on defense.


Let’s play like this the rest of the season

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I’d say that’s why Thor is getting more minutes in charlotte than Bouknight and Kai. The two of them have no fucking idea what’s going on defensively.


Hope this doesn’t turn out like the Detroit game. The OG news for Toronto presents a pathway to that 8th seed (2 chances of making the playoffs, and I also don’t believe the Nets will slide to #9 when Durant comes back), but they have to play stellar until game #82.

Montrez is going to help us so much if we get into the playoffs. He’s such a beast and gives us an edge. It seems our team is either hot or very cold. We played pretty great defense last night…. Don’t see why we can’t do that every game. Hope this continues Sunday. Lets end these last games with some momentum heading into the playoffs / playin.

Agreed. It’s such a nice feeling to know we aren’t doomed to a 4-5 minute scoring drought whenever we go cold from 3.

But he’s creating some very difficult off-season decisions for the front office. We clearly need him, or someone like him, going forward. I wonder what it would take to keep him around and if we’re willing to pay it?

I don’t think Trez will be in high demand and we have his bird rights.

I’m hoping that Kelly is fully non guaranteed as if so, he and Mason (4m guaranteed) means we can shed 17m in usable space if we move of of them both. Additionally, he and Mason make good trade assets if nothing else.