Going For 3 In OKC

Let’s see if the young guys can keep the momentum going. Gordon is out with a thumb along with the other vets being out tonight. If you want all young guys all the time it’s your kind of game for sure.

Yes! Kind of what I want for the rest of the season.

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Let’s go!!!

Actually hoping for a statement game from Bryce. :crossed_fingers:

DSJ out too!

Could be wild. I’m a BEE-liever.

PJ has been the game starter for us of late.

Good start again, I like it

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Although, since you posted this…

Just saying.

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The subtle art of subjective refereeing

For having 13 foot arms, Thor has a quick release.

How about that Bouk to Kai Oop!

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"The Dude" had to love that after saying he drafted busts. Lol

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Little problem scoring in the 2nd but still hanging tough

Sometimes Kai looks like he needs a map and a compass out there. Like his energy though.

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OKC is driving on Bouknight every chance they get

It’s going to be fun to actually watch the young guys play to finish the season. These last few games will be important.

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Svi plays at a speed I didn’t expect. I like his game. And Thor has been really fun now that he’s consistently a threat from that corner.


Bouk with 5 assists. 2 highlight reals, but a few that were just good smart passes.

Kai Jones line of the season: double-double with ZERO FOULS!

Where was this PJ all year? Love watching these guys play…

He’s been better all year than a lot of times folks want to give him credit.

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