Hornets at NOLA

I would like to see more of Thor and Richards this game, as Pelicans have quite a tall lineup.

We are fighting hard. Not a lot falling, somehow we are up. I have been watching Pels all year but it is weird to see Devonte playing against us.

Hopefully we can turn this into some momentum but we’ve hoped that before


In more interesting news, Mo Bamba and the magic beat KAT and the t wolves. Bamba with the clutch 3 at the end. Bamba against kat stat line: 27 points, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks, 5 threes made (5/8), and 2/2 at the FT line.


Website Stat, Only get a lot of losing game posts?

Another good game for team
After 2-8 Feb (Edit mistype 2-10) horrible worst month of season we couldn’t shoot…44 FG/31 3p…and fouling and turning over
3-2 March off too good start, 50/38
TO & PF down, offense better movement and passing and less stagnant ball watching and bad shots

playoff offense and defense still need alot of work, but as with first months w/Gordon, not just about putting up big totals, score smart & efficiently even w/o Gordon can be a .500+ team

Jalen McDaniels can be underrated, rusty but get back a huge addition in rotation finishing season.

Miles continues to look better in a playmaking SF/wing role.


Good win last night. I’m glad they didn’t take them lightly. Hopefully Melos new haircut will get him out of his slump.

They trick us so many times. With one win, I’m always back in. Haha

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I mean, it was Pelicans without CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, and Zion. It was a game in the bag. Trust me if we would have won against a full force Miami, you would see a ton of posts too.

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Melo played his best defensive game of the season . Moving his feet guarding his man getting steals. Only one turnover .He seamed engaged not forcing his shot. Had a nice stat sheet. That’s what we need from him. Good team ball . Good win


Agree with this take re Melo. He has such fantastic ability and mentality on Offence that once you add positioning & footwork on D into the mix … look out. Such a high ceiling.

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I know it shouldn’t really matter in the positionless NBA in which we’re meant to live, but I agree. I love Miles at SF as he seems more free on offence and doesn’t face the length mismatches at the #3 as he can at the #4.

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