The Ball Brothers game

I didn’t want to
make the game thread because I feel like I’m bad luck but we already started bad

Devonte had a front row seat to stand there and watch rozier try to deal with Zion. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was out of the game after the timeout

Our starting line up is so awful to start games

It has been pretty not great

You can tell if we won or lost a game in the first 2 minutes this year

ESPN: Pelicans last in the NBA in 3 point shooting

First Quarter: Pelicans have hit 7 threes!

Hornets Law.


Watching both Martins play together is giving me cancer.

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Somehow we are only down 12 at the half. Hopefully they find some shooting in the locker room.

Side note - in the modern Hornets era have we drafted a real shooter?

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Hornets law.

Miles “Mini Zion” Bridges bringing some energy. 3rd didn’t look as bad. Could see a come back in the second half.


#halfFull and happy with this nationally televised game. Normally we’re down 1st half Dunlap differentials in national games.

Unless they show me otherwise, I’m really tired of seeing the Martins in at the excitement of McDanonk.

Obviously sit LaMelo for the Martins after he got hot

This game is good for the 2nd half but extremely frustrating because we just can’t get over that hump to tie and put some real pressure on these fools

I know right?

Dang man, sick of this

I think he does that to give him breathers. He seems to get him back in quick

Well now we cooking with hot grease!


Younger brother getting the big pork chop tonight.

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This team has some serious potential man

How about Melo… dang!!!

Farging Coach B takes him out again

For fuggging Biyombo

… but he hits the buckets and gets a big board…

Put him back in now!

Rip no triple double today

Hell of a good game by the Hornets

That was a nice win, the first time this team was really resilient after starting slow this year too