The Utah Jazz game

We’ll… we have the good Hornets team tonight bc they are playing a good team. I almost wish we’d finish out the season playing against good teams. We may win more.

Love to see Plumlee put guys on their asses. Nothing easy.

I just knew this ref crew would screw us in the end. 2 of our worst enemies, Capers and Blair

Most critical minutes and LaMelo is still sitting…

Games like these make me even more mad about games like the absolute turd played against the knicks last night. And we’re out rebounding Utah too. Wtf.

Coach JB has got to get his guys ready to roll against teams like that tired, undermanned NYK squad at home. Just as much as these games against good teams like Utah.

At this point, it’s a team culture and coaching problem.


I’m begging don’t mess this up

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Damn. That shot by Terry.

And thank you miles. I really want miles and Melo to attack the basket like that. All. Damn. Game.

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Great fight tonight. So much effort and energy. Let’s try and do it every night. Should it be hard to put the effort in…. But.

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Love seeing IT jumping on the sideline and being the first to greet the guys during a timeout.

I’ve been wanting IT on this team for a while because I knew he could bring this. Locker room needs a culture change from some of these vets-Harrell and IT. We have a lockeroom of younger guys who like each other. They need some vets to step in and call people out and man up.


I thought Rozier was about to drop an F bomb like Melo did, after Miles jumped on his back in the postgame interview. Haha

Big boy win right there

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Good win, good job by everyone tonight. Players and coaches.

Of note, IT was a team best +/- of +15 in his 15 minutes of action tonight.

Good shit.

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Great bounce back win. Thank you Terry for showing up in the 1st quarter and preventing another atrocious start. Great collective effort after that. We played as if we understood the significance of that game which is exactly what we needed to see.


This. 100% this.

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Yep. And especially during these games when we come out flat in the first quarter and give up 40 points (NYK, OKC games come to mind).

Because it’s clear that coach JB isn’t going to crucify or get fired up during a timeout.

Our team for the most part doesn’t have a talent or skill problem, it’s a younger team that does not have a strong mental game yet. This is where good coaches and sports/performance psychologists come in.

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I thought Harrel may have been that guy, but I just don’t know anymore. A lot of our guys have similar talent so they somewhat take turns scoring and such… which is fine. We just don’t have that “give the ball to me” guy. I really think that guy is Rozier bc he sometimes can look like D Wade out there… and he makes a 3 with guys in his face. He can get his own shot anytime. Where as, I feel with Miles… it looks good or really really bad. He’s just not as smooth.

The only thing I’d add to what you guys are saying @powellrmp & @Mich_Mercer is a complete lack of a defensive presence. Because when your shot isn’t falling you can get a huge lift from your D.

If you go through our 10 man rotation, how many of them are above average defenders at their position? For that matter, how many are just average defenders? Certainly not one of them would be rated as good.

You might put Cody as the only above average defender in our top 10. Then Miles, GH & possibly McDaniels are average. So 6 of our top ten players are either below average or poor defenders and not one of them is good. That HAS to change.

I agree with your overall point. We absolutely have to become more consistent on that end. We’ve shown we can defend at a high level for stretches, but can’t sustain it consistently.

I differ slightly with a couple of the individual assessments however. I think Terry is a very underrated defender. I think his on the ball D is actually quite good. I might bump Kelly up to average. And I’d consider Cody an elite defender, not just above average. But on the whole I think your point is well-taken. We are a team of mostly average to below average individual defenders.

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Are you thinking on their best nights vs what they turn in on average? I can only see Kelly on an average night, not a night he plays average, but the average of his nights. In those, he does more to negatively impact team defense than aid it. And that’s remarkable considering he has the physical tools to play good defense.

Terry I can see as someone that can scale up to a better defensive player but it is not his tendency. To me that’s fine, you hide him on the weaker of the 1-2.

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