The Utah Jazz game

I think you hide Melo right now . But the last six games Melo is working harder on defense .Terry is a good on ball defender but too small to guard s/g s Miles and Martin should be considered good defenders with Martin a little better. PJ , Oubre lazy on that end and take naps. Trez below average but tries hard . Plum is our best defender by far with his speed , jumping ability and rim protection. Quick feet not many better defenders in the league.

Without getting lost in the weeds of a game of individual assessments and semantics, I think Terry is an interesting player to bring up. I agree that, when engaged, he’s a average, to a touch above average, defender. I think his length allows him to defend better than his opponents anticipate and he can read the game pretty well. BUT … the ‘when engaged’ bit is crucial to my point. If we had a defensive tyrant on the team then the likes of Terry would surely defend at closer to their potential, more of the time. There appears to be almost a sense of resignation among the players that we’re just not able to defend well so we may as well go all-in on Offence. Just my take but, as you recognised, the general point holds true … we need to add defenders and as @powellrmp rightly stated, seasoned vets (Marvin Williams mark 2 anyone?) to the young quality and potential we have.

I think Kitch is correct in saying this is largely a debate of semantics. How we define “average” versus slightly above or below that standard is very much left to individual interpretation. For me, I don’t see Kelly as a guy who repeatedly gets abused on the defensive end. That’s how I would define a below average defender. My perception is also that Terry brings that defensive effort more often than some others seem to believe.

I think the thing that allows Kelly to be an average defender is the thing that probably prevents Terry from being a great one. Terry is definitely undersized when matched up against bigger 2s. But what Terry lacks in terms size and length I think he does a good job of compensating for with with tenacity, especially when on the ball. And not that defense is all about steals or any particular stat, but I think his quickness and anticipation does allow him to be quite disruptive at times, which is an important aspect of overall defense.

I think help defense is something altogether different and is something that as a team we struggle with mightily.

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Also need Position context, what team has to play and their results on court?

defense on/off (and net off/def)
Plumlee 110.3/116.2 (+2.2)
PJ 113.5/113.6 (+2.8) significant other position minutes, need find a PF and C breakdown
Harrell 116.6/113.2 (-2.2)
Nick 119.2/112.9 (-12.5)
Bad and Negative start last year really drag down season average, a slow burn curve where now seeing best basketball oncourt.

As Finish season…Harrell No 3P, Def Rebounding, Defense, playmaking…when not bringing big time energy, crashing boards and 2P finishing…need to see more PJ at center like last night.