Hornets vs Spurs

Idk why it feels like we don’t have a game today

I’m still exited to see how the rotations are tonight. I hope it’s more Monk and not more Martin twins.

Agreed, love Melo but I’m still excited for hornets basketball

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Yeah I think a lot of us here are still excited to see the guys play. Next man up.

I want to see more of Daniels

Patty Mills should be on a list of the Hornets worst enemies

Gordon looking alive again

Without Melo we may compete in some games but I do not see us winning very many of them.

Swarm, that makes no sense. He wasn’t the sole reason we won games.


We shall see what happens. I hope I am wrong.


Yet he brought an energy that you can not duplicate

I know they’ve been criticized a fair amount, even by myself, I think mainly because they’re easy targets, but in all honesty, the Martin twins are good. They often, unfairly I think, draw our ire because they’re so far down the list of players we want to see do their thing because we have such deep investment in guys like Melo, Rozier, Tae, Hayward, and Malik… but, when they get their shot, they make winning plays and they’re gritty. I really like that.


The beauty of this team is its depth. All of our guys are important but we’ve won without Hayward. We’ve won without Rozier and we can win without LaMelo.

Gordon has been really hard to watch for 4 full quarters lately. I dont know if his legs are gone or what?

He has had a pretty good game tonight.

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25-7-6 mane

Solid game

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Nice to get a tough win against a good team after the past week

I give the guys credit,they pulled this one off. We shall see how things go as the season moves along.

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Back to .500 ball - that’s still not bad no matter. Still absolutely need to take care of business in HOU.

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Big Win. I think the ceiling of this team should they decide not to tank is still a play-in spot. Props to mr. 4th quarter Terry Rozier