Hornets vs Spurs Game Thread

Pj, the Twins are out

Gordon is probable

Ouch. Someone needs to step up big if no G, Twins, or Peej.

incoming big game for mr malik monk

Rozier living in the basketball matrix at the moment.

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That little dribble fake, fake pullup, blow past the dude to the rim was one of the most elegant drives I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was like he was recording an instructional video.

Rudy Gay is still playing.

There are so many guys like that that I completely forget exist.

We just gotta stay on our feet and absorb this run

Giving up 47 in a quarter is rough, but Spurs were making everything.

Lack of depth going to be a problem in second half if we can’t get some flow back.

Pregame show was saying that Spurs were best second quarter team in the league. Weird stat, but I guess they got some kind of pre half time mojo.

Miles bridges is a guy that I’ll never quite figure out. He’s had enough time to figure it out himself, and I’m ready to move on.

Devonte out for the rest of the game

I hate these young Spurs guards

Miles is going to be our Robert Horry, a guy that’s inconsistent during the regular season but is massive when the games are amped up in the playoffs.

I feel real good about the guy. He’s also helpful when he’s not scoring, which is important given how many guys we have now that shoot it.

Derrick white is going to be very good

Malik monk time. You know I’ve got my popcorn ready.

Melo can’t buy a foul call right now goddamn son

We’re playing way too wild on offense

Absolutely. Malik forcing it a little.


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Can’t believe we’ve only been to the line 4 times.

Not blaming the refs for the lack of free throws, but they’re not helping.

You know everything is going right for San Antonio when Jakob poeltl hits a fucking pair of free throws. Jesus