Hornets vs Pacers

Hopefully last night was an April fools joke


More offense you say?

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Hayward really needs to be aggressive and step it up. We are so unlucky with these injuries. We can’t have nice things.

They are big and physical . That along will make it tough on us . Some how we got to be more physical. And speed up the tempo. Still think we can win this with our A game.

Biz getting two tip outs on the opening drive and then running into Hayward on a drive causing a TO in the lane is the odyssey of playing Biz

I’m really for this team to go full Martin out there. Put em both in. The pacers have their holidays, and we have the G League version of them in the Martins.

Get well soon Malik. Please

This is the Gordon from earlier in the year. Brad not looking too bad so far.

This Bally graphics is going to take some getting used to

Now that we actually play defense, I can’t wait to have our whole team healthy.

Did Peter Brand get involved with our trade deadline planning? Brad is looking like a good value.

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Some teams have eliminated the wasted gray space on the bottom of the ticker. Hope the Hornets do the same

About time coach turns Bridges loose and let him shoot. Brad is physical and can score a little. Graham is about useless if he isn’t making threes. Hayward off to a good start he just needs to stay active . And not get lost in the 2nd half.

I’ve been trying to tell yall Turner isn’t as good as some of you make him out to be

Bad news on Hayward. That was the leg he broke right?

We can’t stay healthy this year

I don’t mind Wanamaker

I think it is too soon to make a judgement call on Wannamaker.

Our guys are going to have to shoot the ball better.

If you would have told me no Ball, no Monk, GH out at half, and TR&DG combining for 2/17 from 3, I would have thought you’d clearly have a loss.

Again, affirmation that we have some guys who can step up.

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Gutsy win. Our guys have a lot of heart!


Plus a solid coach. 20 characters

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