Pacers Beating Us Thread

Everybody’s favorite trade target is killing us

Loved that Kai pump fake and then dunk. Patient and decisive. More please!

The game is not going well for the tank.

Had no energy first 16 minutes, but somehow fought through it. Resilient. Not sure how I feel about Clifford, but give him credit, the guys don’t quit. That’s usually a reflection on the coach, as well as the heart and character of the players.


I can’t feel bad with these wins. I know it doesn’t improve our chances of a higher pick, but I love to see dudes build confidence in themselves and each other. That’s not nothing.


What in the hell are we doing… I guess it’s good that we won. But we had a decent shot at moving up in the lottery. Ugh……

Man, love Kai, but he’s got to work on those fouls.

in 16 minutes he had one fg, 3 boards, 2 points, no assists, and 5 fouls. Did have two great blocks.

To his credit, last game he played 27 minutes with 1 foul. But two games before that he fouled out in 13 minutes of play.

Horrible loss tonight

Internal dialogue: don’t say anything at all, if you have nothing nice to say

Keyboard warrior spirit: HOLD MY BEER


The nobility of your restraint is acknowledged.

Well done, sir.

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Watched an incredible Japan/Mexico WBC game. How’d the Hornets do?

I agree could be good, but needs to work on fouling. So far for his career he has averaged a foul every 7 minutes. Seems much higher lately.

Don’t think rates higher, just seeing more minutes and more total fouls

Kai and Richards and Williams continue to be mess of fouls and no ball movement we need to work on and develop for our future…
per 36 fouls 5.0/4.6/4.5
7 assist/19 turnovers, 32/53, 15/31
2.5 % assists/4.4/3.4

Versatility a reason, but another see so much crappy JT Thor is he’s not fouling all the time and passes…per 36/2.6 fouls, 26 assists/25 TO

Our Big rotation shows as much promise as it does inconsistency, but that’s OK for the time being.

Draft Gods doing us a favour aside, next season could be:
#4: Miles or PJ start, Thor as back-up.
#5: Williams starts, Richards or Kai as back-up.
I think we’re one experienced vet short, looking at the above Big rotations. Not sure if that’ll be instead of Richards or not, but there’s a decent amount of potential in that group. The fouling, as highlighted by @eshelmon, is something they’ll have to iron out.

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