SL: Pacers game

For anyone wanting to chat.

First Nick roll was nice.

Got the Thor, Kai, Nick lineup.

Not liking lack of boards early with all that height. Obviously, it’s early.

The Nick richards show

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Nick with some smooth FTs.

Nifty pass by Nick too.

Not much flow on offense

No. Worried we’re going to have another SL with little real play making. Fingers crossed.

Offense looks awful

Despite them saying Kai could shoot coming out last year, the more i see, the less i believe that. And that form is atrocious, AND SLOW.


Would rather see him try to attack the basket and maybe pass out than settle for those corner 3s.

Also, the curse of running a SL team without a PG is rearing its ugly head again. This is going to be hard to watch.

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That was ugly Mark

Yeah, and it would be one thing if he was even remotely close on these. He’s all over the place. Very discouraging.

I really thought withiut a true PG that we would hand the keys to McGowens ad a combo guard with playmaking experience to see what he could do. Nope. Another year of letting a borderline summer camp body that wont be anywhere in the league come October run our offense into the ground.

Make a free throw please

I see free throws weren’t on the list of things to work on

Thor is so slippery for a dude his size.

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Really love everything ive seen with Thor’s game. Shooting stroke looks smooth and repeptitive as well.

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McGowens showing some flashes.

This is UGLY… so much for finding anyone with length who can shoot. These guys have a long way to go but it seems hard to get -good- experience with no real playmaking. As has been mentioned it was this way last Summer as well. We look like we aren’t even running any plays… how is that good for young guys?