SL: Pacers game

But this is why having guys not connected to the team running the offense is so bad for our actual roster guys… That dude drove and instead of throwing it up on that wide open lob to Williams, no-name-scrub elects to miss a floater. Sigh… seems like this is the case every year. How can you really judge what you have when we dont have someone to execute the offense and find the open man when hes open, but instead wants to jack up shots to prove he belongs? Smh. It feels like its been this way forever…


Williams with 5 boards and a block in 5 minutes is alright. He seems like at worst he can make some blue collar plays for us this year.

There you go Kai

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Crutcher not looking good

Little bit of energy building.

Like McGowan’s stroke.

McGowens kid is going to be a keeper. Kai is going to be a project, Thor is further along than Kia and Richards is improved enough to be 3rd string behind Williams and a traded center that we have to have.

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Seeing Williams out there just at first blush in Summer League… I DO NOT see him getting much time early in the season much less starting (like some seem to be hoping for). His body at Center reminds me of how Bouknight looked in Summer League last season getting pushed around. He has great length but even against summer league guys he’s getting moved.

Man Williams jumper looked nice

Yeah Williams one jumpshot looked good, but man, he looks so lost offensively to me, especially in terms of creating his own… but, i also think all of our bigs are gonna look worse because we dont have a PG.

That last question to Clifford sounds like he is not informed or connected at all with the FO. Sounded very generic like he really had no idea whats going on.

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Disagree. Think that’s exactly the party line that MK has been saying. They’re obviously not trying to get into the Miles situation.

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That might be why he sounded so nervous - the Miles situation, but it could also be interpreted as he’s operating as a coach-only with no real knowledge of the FO’s plans.

Could be but MK in the draft presser basically said we’re focused on our guys and though clearly that was before the Miles news. I suspect Hornets will be purposefully vague this off season when it comes to FAs.

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First impressions of Williams are not what i hoped for, and more like what i anticipated on draft night.

Kai was by far more impressive to me last SL. Williams does not jump off the screen, and i dont really see all of the pipe dreams of him loggin a lot of minutes and running the floor for lobs with Melo.

Things could change, but im not impressed early. He looks like JAG so far. Hope that isnt the case, but just my initial read.

After watching Duren last night, I really feel like we just picked Hibbert over Dwight


Didnt want to bring up Duren because it still hurts, but yup, agreed. Looks like we fucked up again with yet another big man when we had thr better one in our grasp. But we’ll see… smh.

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Why in the hell has Kai shot 8 3s or whatever. DUDE

Because there is no one to initiate the offense so its a fucking free for all. And all but one looked absolutely horrible.

Crutcher sucks

Totally agree. Its a shame. Lewis would help a bit.