7.10.22 Summer League Game

No clue who we are playing, but know we play. Drankin’ a Nebo Pilsner from NC and thinking of my brothers of the HornetsPlanet


We meeting for a game this year? Maybe for GS when my boy Moody drops 20?
Woo PIg

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I have a zany notion that Bryce plays way over his head and everyone else has a game like he did (e.g. play well) last time out.

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Would not be surprised to see Bryce struggle and Kai have a monster game.

Or everyone has a monster game.

Or everyone is terrible.

Go Hornets. It’s like Yahtzee every time!


Kai really can’t play much worse. Honestly, if he just stops jacking those 3s and taking it to the hole, he will be in a great spot.

Does the game still come on at 9:00? I see the Warriors game is only halfway through the 3rd?

Thought it was 9:30

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You’re probably right. My YouTube TV guide says 9:00 but I’m sure its wrong.

Its wrong LOL 9:30 it is, probably will be a little after that too honestly because of warmups

Looking forward to this game, I think Kai just needs to drive to basket and shoot 2 or 3 3s.

Love his will and determination though. He has a driven way about him.

Hope Bryce has another good game

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Don’t mistake my comment, this is my hope too

Oh I took your comment as saying he was going to go wild tonight haha. Hope they all do

Is the game supposed to start after the GS/SaS game?

First success of the night, no OT in the SASvGSW game

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Is Matt McClung legit, or did he just dominate the ball at SL?

Vernon Carrey with 15 pts, 11 rbs, and 2 blocks in 19 minutes. LOL. Wish that guy success.

I’d really prefer to see Kai at the 5 but SL is a time for expiramenting (i can’t spell)

If he was a Hornet, with our lane cloggage, he’d be McClank I’m pretty sure.

I feel like he moves like a 4 so I don’t mind him there. Plus, I like the future of him and Mark Williams in the starting lineup.

Like that block by Mark. Our guard play needs help.

Like Mark’s aggression


We look so awful on offense. Do we even practice? lol

I love McGowans man. He just seems ready to play right away. He’s also looks long as hell.