The Bryce McGowans starter game in the desert

Pretty bad when Cam Johnson has us doubled himself with 16 to 7. Hopefully we can find the right gear.

Seems that Biz went to the THT body shaping school

I have an idea, our promising rookie has been playing well, let’s bench him!

Team doesn’t care tonight, neither do I. Time to drink and do my taxes. Maybe rearrange my fridge. Clean the garage. Rake the leaves. Get an appendectomy. Oh wait, my appendix is already gone. Guess I can do it again.


Hornets up 2 over Cameron Johnson!

Let’s go!

We’re absolutely dominating Johnson now. Too bad they have other players

They cut that to 11 going into halftime. Steve Clifford playing zone was the ultimate, shit we’re down by 30 why not moment. And it worked. Says a lot about Phoenix. Lol

Phoenix, what are you doing?? We’re trying to get Vic

I’m in fully on Scoot. The NBA good won’t let us have Vic.

Geez Mason, freaking steam rollered Craig there

The Windows “new hardware detected” ding they are playing on free throw makes its highly disturbing for a guy that chased random disconnects and reconnects of a Thunderbolt dock for months.

I’m glad my halftime speech for the Suns worked. I should be a coach.

The rumor that the Suns want Jalen is apparently true. He got 34 minutes on the court last night putting up a double double.