The Grizzlies Game

Down 25 in the 2nd Quarter. Good Lord I’m having 7-59 flashbacks

Down 30 at the half and Eric says we’re in trouble. No shit. Lol

It honestly feels like 7-59. Whole organization needs a reshuffle top to bottom

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This is quite the game

I honestly feel like despite how bad things are right now, we could bounce back quickly. If the ping pong balls roll our way.

Big IF. Having flashbacks of the Anthony Davis draft lol

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Yeah I’m not counting on it

It was good to see the young guys for the last few minutes at least. The Bucks are up next. Good Lord

Couldn’t continue watching after the first half. The team is just a total train wreck right now.

The Grizzlies were just having so much fun at the Hornets expense. I mean, that’s just a humiliation for the whole organization.

Yet - not surprised.

Surely Someone will do Something.

But that would require Waking Up.

I realize the Grizzlies are a Very good team. But their organization is positioned similarly to Charlotte’s. Yet - they’ve managed first competence, now excellence.

We’re not to competence and haven’t been maybe ever(?) We’re somewhere between Excuses and Lobotomy.

Didn’t see the game. Can someone explain why, in what was at one point a 37 point game, any starter played over 30 minutes. LaMelo had 35, PJ 34. No one should have had more than 30. Maybe I’m missing something. Please help.

Well this draft is pretty deep. If we ended with scoot or someone like GG Jackson I’d be very happy

I watch a game like tonight and I don’t think it’s the talent, I think it’s the confidence and the competence. Guys don’t know where to be and when to be there, they don’t have energy on the court either. And I don’t know if the numbers bear out but I’d bet on average the team is shooting 10% worse this year than last.

There are of course issues with this roster, and injuries, but largely, this coaching performance seems like a continuation in years 4 and 5 that hit Cliff fired prior.

The Hornets continue to fail at multiple levels. Management, staff and players.

I don’t think there is any other team at the moment in the NBA that is so bad on the court yet also so inept at dealing with it. Used to be the Clippers, the Kings, then forever the Knicks. REALLY bad front offices led to extended losing. I really, really hope that’s not the Hornets, but man this thing sure seems unmanaged.

Hey, the money is good though. Just be quiet and watch the asset value grow. Hush.

I wondered the same but then juxtaposed that feeling with how every fan feels their team gets jobbed by the refs. E.g the Spurs aren’t looking great right now on most levels if we’re being objective. For eons, it seemed the Suns were terrible at every level. Same for the Kings. There’s much ado about the ownership but wasn’t the turning point for each more about getting highly competent GMs? I think honestly we need that more than anything though there may be truth in the concern that MJ won’t let them cook anyway so what does it matter…

I’m way past my lowest point ever as a fan of this franchise. I feel so much negativity has crept in that I no longer have an objective side in this stuff. That’s an amazing fall from being the eternal Horncat optimistjust a few years ago.

No disrespect, but this seems like delusional reaching. This team has very little talent. That has been apparent for 3 years.

This team has zero direction from the top. Actually, it has direction it is just that the prescription is so far away from solving the actual problem.

This team has both little functional starter talent and no organizational direction.

I disagree that we’ve had very little talent for the last 3 years. We won 43 games last year. That isn’t earth shattering, but that also doesn’t happen with very little talent. Lamelo, Terry and Kelly could be starters on playoff teams.

Sure we have some coaching and organizational issues but I don’t think the reason for our struggles this year are that deep. Miles was a borderline all-star whom we lost for nothing. Not many teams in the league can afford to lose a player of his caliber and not feel some impact. I know you don’t regard him as a top shelf talent but he did contribute to winning, as did Hayward, despite the fact that injuries have now rendered him a shell of his former self.

We lost a key player from last year and without doing research, I’d ventured to say that we’ve lost more games due to injury this year than any team in the league. When bench players are forced to log significant minutes you just aren’t going to win many games. I’m not dismissing the coaching, FO, vision, roster construction issues etc. Those are all valid areas for critique and criticism, but in my view, it’s less the case that we haven’t had talent, but that the talent we’ve had hasn’t been available.

Not sure how it’s not meant disrespectfully to say someone is “delusional reaching” but please don’t stop on my account.

That’s what I meant. I couldn’t think of a better phrase. I was not meaning to infer you are delusional but that this particular rationale (to me and my view of the organization) is delusional.

My line of thought is, if this is any other team in the league that we were not fans of, the assessment would be a completely floundering organization. Outside of LaMelo the on court product is starless and drifting. But since we are fans, myself included, have been deluding ourselves for the past 15 years.

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I’m at the lowest point of optimism for the franchise.

Ownership doesn’t appear to have much, if any, patience or plan.

The GM is good at picking 2nd rounders … and that’s about it. His performance in the last draft was as close to incompetent as you can get (nothing against Williams, who I do like as a prospect).

We have one bright light on the court, In LaMelo and a few decent prospects who might pan out.

As @hornetsPH posted above, there’s an element of the Anthony Davis draft in that we’re hoping a generational rookie can bail us out.

The ship can be righted, but do we have the ownership, front office or coach to set the right course, and to see it through? I fear not, currently.

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