We get to watch our boys today!

I suspect that we will be very good in Summer league

Can’t wait to make all sorts of reactionary observations!


We never do that here…

On the non-reactionary side, I am really looking forward to the following generalized things:

  • see if Vernon looks collected out there and if the game has slowed for him
  • how far away from a year or two away Kai looks
  • if James (Bouknight) looks confident that he should be out there regardless of how things go on the court
  • if Grant looks like he could possibly be on a Charlotte roster by year’s end (or destined for Greensboro or elsewhere)
  • Arnie’s progression since the last we saw him in SL2019
  • see if I can better picture Nick in a role on this team generally

I say non-reactionary because they are more curiosities than projecting out meaning/value.

I am not sure if we should expect JT to get any time on-court with his late arrival but any we get, I am interested in seeing it. I am equally interested in what Scottie looks like on-court as I have no expectations.

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I’m gonna be busy when we play but I’ll be box score watching

Looking forward seeing our kids and what carey look like. As poster pointed last year 6’9 270 to 6’10 255.

Nothing new for our ‘vets’, Rookies face unusual experience in summer league. Portland few picks recently, bringing in 30 year olds Mundae, Beasley, Fareid.

Sitting here watching Celtics/Hawks on NBA TV and reminded that the TV broadcast crews at SL are awful and barely follow the game. They just spent 5 to 10 minutes discussing Trae Young sitting in the stands while completely ignoring the game.

Hopefully Hornets game is better.


Just bring up watch that 6 min to go
Wow they pick out arena crowd randoms they keep showing and rambling on about

Is Peyton Pritchard only they know?

Close end made so boring

Plz not do our game

That was actually Stephanie Ready and Steve Smith. Surprised. It’s summer.

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Anyone have a link?

Need NBA TV. Can sign up for $6.99 a month then cancel after SL.

Thru nba.com or the nba app on a smart device.

Great to see Steph!

It’s on the espn app.


Watching on ESPN3, ESPN app

30 seconds in I’m loving Kai Jones lol!

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Kai blocks Beasley at the rim first play.

Kai. Jones

Richards… come on dude…

Riller has regressed

My early thoughts are that I love Kai and Bouk but I’m selling Riller


Richards bad hands

Kai tip it man

Bouknight got hops

Who is George King?