Preseason Game 1 vs Boston

1:00 on NBATV see future Hornets legend Liangelo Ball in action

Hayward is out today, left knee bruise.

In other news, water is wet


Putting aside my disappointment of the offseason, putting on my rose colored glasses for the next couple of hours and ready to watch some basketball.

A few Preseason questions, a couple to see on oncourt…

Can any of Mitch future upside project centers play now…or we force play PJ at center until Mitch gives up 2 2nds and Nick for a Harrell.

PG/SG Bouknight, Denis Smith, McGowen, Crutcher…can any guards on roster give us 15 minutes. Or we going to scramble mode again to get a Mack/Wannanaker/IT.

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I am looking forward to our rookies/sophomores playing with an actual PG unlike summer league. Let’s see how it will go.

Bouknight first man off the bench :thinking:

Celtics announcers = dumbass snobs

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Everything is hard for us.

For a team who scores a lot… even last year. We just have no offensive flow… like for the past 8 years.

We look really out of rhythm offensively

Like always……

It’s preseason but this is kind of scarry to think of where this season can go.

Richards offer zero defense at the rim. Is playing him really feasible when the games are real?

We are going to win it all!

The lottery? Hell yeah, bring on Vic!

I keep going back to that first round pick we gave away for scraps and the excuse for it. Looks like this team still needs way more young talent.


We might have the magic sauce for the real deal tank this year. The residual JB defense coupled with a Clifford offense. This could be exceptional.

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Also these Boston play by play announcers are easily the worst/most biased in the nba

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Always, haha, they are priceless.