Play in Game vs Atlanta

Let’s go Hornets!

I’m in Atlanta baby, I guarantee a win!


I like the sound of that.

Seems like we play them well and neither team excels in the space the other lacks (both top 10 offenses and bottom 10 defenses). I have high hopes for us.

I predict a win tonight . I have a feeling we going to want it more. With Collins and Williams out helps a lot .Read we was a5point underdog.


Hornets have A Lot to show after last years debacle. Good vibes and hard work tonight boys! No goofing around, seriously, I mean it.


Time to see what they’re made of…

I believe in this group. I think they will win tonight and sbow ultimate competitiveness. But I been thinkin about Young and Capela all day lol

I can’t recall a time when seemingly no prognosticator gives us a chance to win. Seems surreal. Hope we give them all a well seasoned s##tburger.

Welp. Here we go.

I see the Atlanta fans are fired up, smh lol

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Am I watching a Play In Game or a wake? Place is deader than a Church of Christ Sunday Night service.

Dig PJs early energy

Why was that kid with curly hair slapping himself on top of his head?

Offense is kinda messy right now

Hawks are going to run away with this game, Hornets aren’t in their league!

I wish we’d stop trying to go one on one so much… and I really wish we’d guard the 3. Not looking good right now.

Their gameplan appears to be to attack whomever Huerter is guarding. Sound reasoning but it hasn’t paid off yet

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Terry really looks off, hope he can find the right gear soon

Zero defending of the 3 point line. Its a pop-a-shot out there.

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It’s so frustrating. Same thing, different day.

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