Let’s crush the lakers on national television

I’ll probably regret this title, but i end up regretting a lot of things. Lets go.


I already regret it.

Big game, hope to see the loudest crowd since the time we were in the playoffs

also, the lakers are on the second game of a back to back so this would be the time to get a win.

i could also see the hornets taking a huge dump on my heart and getting blown out too.

wouldn’t that be funny if malik monk came in and scored 30 on us? MALIK PLEASE COME INTO CHARLOTTE AND SCORE 40 TONIGHT.

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I hope he does, but hope we still get the win. I’ll forever be upset at not offering him a contract, since he could have been had for pretty cheap.

So Monk is out. Figures. He can’t catch a break in Charlotte. Haha

Monk and all the Lakers suckkkkkkkk . Would love to kick their ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Am I the only one that fears their G League crew more than I fear them at near full strength? Well show up against the latter, who knows on the former.

We seem to take the foot off the gas whenever we play a teams G-League crew

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I bet Lebron plays. He lives to punish us. Probably sat out last night just so he could be good and rested for us.


Only been to a handful of Hornets games

I was privy to the Lebron AND Lonzo triple double effort

The best thing the then-Bobcats ever did was Lindsay doing a bit on “how well do you know your team?” with Lakers fans. Asking them Anything about their beloved Los Angeles or even stuff like “can you name 5 Lakers players” and noone being able to. Heck, one kid said he loved X player and she asked him if he knew the player’s number and he was stumped - it was the freaking jersey he was wearing. That made a Lakers game worth going to LOL. I was bummed they deemed that too mean-spirited and never revisited the practice.


You could interview that crowd with several other questions that would seem like no-brainers… Politics, etc. and it’s like interviewing a kindergarten class.

No wonder they run the largest deficit in the union.

Hornets win tonight by 10!

Ah man!!! No monk tonight!

Miss you Malik buddy

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He’s in the back snorting alligator tails

What a find by Mile, we’ve been playing with like an AAU pace.

Cody Martin

An interesting line up

When this team looks like shit, they REALLY look like shit. They don’t half ass it.

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10 characters bull shit