Can we show a spark vs Celtics?

I am looking at this game as a probable loss given our performance last night.

Also, the neck soreness continues. (

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:point_up_2: I hear Ibuprofen is good for neck soreness. I wonder if they’ve tried that.

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I wonder who’s neck is really sore. Bouk’s or the organization’s.

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I really don’t like JB. We need a better coach.

Also, we need to replace Plumlee ASAP.

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Did I hear correctly, 7 oreb for Williams? Still the first quarter. Smh

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6 oreb, 1dreb for Williams. 10 oreb total for Celtics in the 1sr qt.

For reference, we have 6dreb total as a team…

I don’t hate JB but I don’t like him either. He’s just ok.

I love how we came out in the second quarter so far. IT seemed to give them some needed boost. Why didn’t he play for the past few games though? You’d think since our guys are pretty tired… bench guys would get a little more burn.

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I swear Plumlee plays the whole game.

Lamelo may get benched for the season after his first half

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Melo has such a short leash. He’s the only allstar who gets benched like he does. I’m not saying he’s a perfect player but I’d like to see him play through things. It’s got to be frustrating.

Granted… I missed the first quarter so I didn’t see much from him, if anything at all.

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To be honest, for a second I thought Melo was going to walk off the court. It is a nightmare to play for JB if you are young.

Everyone looks so uninspired and fed up in the team, the inner dynamics definitely don’t look good.

This is such a typical Hornets game. Bunch of annoying ass Celtics fans. Get over the hump then give up the lead asap. But keep you around with hope.


Wow celtics just got handed a ton of freethrows to end that quarter.

I hate being a Hornets fan.

It’s so frustrating. You’d think something would change at some point, but it’s the same thing every year.


We just aren’t good enough. That’s what these last two games tell me.

Someone is going to have to grow into a killer. Someone in the front office is going to have to decide to quit f-ing around because you don’t raise ticket prices this much and tell fans to keep being patient.


I think we need a new coach.


Yep. The FO has fooled themselves about their players and JB is a con artist. I think players have developed in spite of JB. Miles is a quiet, “keep your head down and do what coach says” kind of guy. But he needs to get emotional, vocal, and call some people out. Including himself. But he won’t rock the boat because he wants that fat paycheck.

This is going to be a cam newton and the panthers situation.

The prime years of Melo’s exciting career will be marred by bad management, questionable coaching decisions, and surrounded by quagmire of mediocrity.


I think we still have time to make some corrections of course. But the problem with these guys is consistency. It’s like everyone can get hot or they’re just off. At least that’s how it feels.

At the same time it’s hard to be too hard on them because our center situation makes things more difficult overall. I just think it’s crazy that we’ve gone so long with dysfunction.

It’s the same way with the Panthers and the offensive line. Basic foundational elements of teams that just suck.

It is obvious that JB needs to go. The team needs to be an exciting playoff contender team.

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