Can we show a spark vs Celtics?

Melo had 5 fouls again and 6 turnovers and -17 he still played 29 mins . He has just got to learn to play defense and not foul. Plumlee had a decent game with 15 boards 3 blocks 3 steals . Bridges had a plus 24 17 points . Melo will get more consistent this is kind of like his rookie season he missed , up’s and downs.

This team needs to be consistent. And get a better defensive center. May be a knock down 3 point shooter.

To me, our offense just looks awful at times. That would be a problem with a center or not. We just don’t adjust do things, at all… and that’s on JB. He has no idea what to do half the time. Case in point… His horrible inbound plays after a timeout. His constant mismanagement of players. We have some talented guys and that is not bc of JB. Cody Martin may be the only guy that JB has got the most out of. I still think there are more talented, higher upside guys he should be playing. I feel like we are the only team in the league who drafts high first rounders and hardly plays them. We are losing games anyway… I’m just venting at this point… but we wasted Monk and it looks like Bouknight also. I also think Kai should get a few minutes and let him learn that way.


I think a little more rational thought is needed from some.

JB’s team has beaten Vegas’ odds and ever major outlet’s win/loss prediction every year he’s been our coach. That is a simple, unarguable fact. Therefore, one of the following two options surely has to apply. Either 1. Vegas isn’t very good at making odds and every major outlet misevaluated our players’ abilities, OR 2. JB has done a good job of developing players and getting wins on the court. I know which one I’m going with.

This one’s less of a fact and more of an observation, but another thing labelled at JB on these boards is that he’s sucking the fun out of his players. Isn’t JB the same coach and aren’t these players the same players who were a huge amount of fun last season and earlier this season too? Weren’t the Hornets a League Pass darling … because we played a brand of ball that was fun to watch? So, following the prevailing rational, JB has decided now is the time to strip the fun out of the game, which he was partially responsible for injecting in the first place? Simply doesn’t follow logically.

Also, the talk now of players developing in spite of him has to just be frustration. And believe me, I’m frustrated as well, but come on.

That being said, JB is clearly under the spotlight and should be too. The team’s current run of form has not been good enough. He clearly has a short leash for players who don’t put the effort in on D. I’m all for this, but there needs to be a positive outcome, otherwise players will become disenfranchised … and leave the franchise. This is where JB needs to be motivating the players behind the scenes and explaining why he’s doing what he’s doing. Outside of Bouknight, I haven’t seen any real disgruntlement out of our players, so maybe he’s doing a decent job of it. FWIW I’m one who doesn’t mind that Monk left because, to my eyes, he’d proven himself too immature and unreliable for us to commit to. He had begun to turn it around, but it was too late for us. A change was best for both parties … but if history repeats itself, then it’s time to reevaluate.

This isn’t just a coaching problem, which some are trying to make it out to be. Yes, JB needs to improve as a coach (well, this is his first time as an HC so that’s to be expected) but the front office also needs to give him a centre he actually wants, plus a sprinkling of veterans who know how to win games, defend and turn-up night after night (think about the positive impact IT and Ish have had when they’ve been given minutes). You can’t have a roster with so many players on their first contract and, at the same time, have expectations of good D and consistent play … especially when you draft and sign players who are much more offensively minded than defensively.


Lamelo said last night that he was “just trying to make the extra pass and let people get in his head a lil bit”. This quote suggest that these “people” are inside our organization.

We are coaching the Lameloness out of Lamelo, and now he has acknowledged it.

This is my BIGGEST fear with the leash he is on, then I see Edwards in Minny get to actually learn from his mistakes on the fly and I see how much his game has evolved, it makes me concerned for sure. Seems to me that Lamelo is forcing passes in situations where he would have previously shot the ball, again, afraid of consequences of missing (getting benched).


Walker and Doug had a nice podcast about it today on this topic on Locked on Hornets.

I agree with a lot of things they have said, and it is clear that JB needs to go.

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Thanks for sharing. I don’t mind the LockedOn guys. I am not a podcast guy but will definitely give this one a listen.

Listen, the last thing I want to do is do a whole coaching regime change going into Lamelos 3rd season (typically a HUGE season for a superstar archetype). But his growth, in-game, is being stunted. He is a much more hesitant player today than he was to start the season.

I am blessed to be able to watch all of our homegames in person from seats close enough to see body language and facial expressions. I have watched Lamelo transform from a Bull in a china shop type of player (but mostly under control) to a bull in chains situation (where he is constantly worried about consequences of a particular risky play or shot). Coaching the “second guess” into Lamelo is one of the worst things you can do for a player of his type.

You gotta let him fly! FREEBIRD! There is a difference between development and wanting a player to play the way YOU want them to play, and those two things don’t come hand-in-hand.

If we are looking for a reason for Lamelo is walk/ask out eventually, this is one of those reasons. Tough love only goes so far. This isn’t tough love at this point, but double standard treatment.


I was thinking after the game last night, when is the last time Melo made a pass where I asked how did he make that, much less see it as possible? Don’t remember. He sees plays others can’t see. Taking his unique play making ability away just makes him like any other system PG. Let him be himself. Just tell him he doesn’t have to play at breakneck pace all of the time, or shoot 3s as soon as he gets over the timeline.

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Thank you for the insight. I agree with this statement, not necessarily the coaching staff needs to change, but their approach towards their style.
I think some players should have the keys in the team, and have more freedom. (Melo, Terry, Miles, and Gordon when not injured).

With six turnovers and five fouls . Coach has to take him out. I agree with and see both sides . Management has to learn how to make him most effective. The rotation of Melo and PJ coming out at the same time isn’t working . Melo and Miles should be playing together. And Terry and PJ should come out together . Hayward would help matters a lot he fits well with all.
But at 32 mins a game he isn’t leashed . But things JB want’s now Melo can’t deliver yet. Could be too much is expected too early. JB is pushing him a lot on defense then the fouls start . Then the turnovers come thinking about what mistakes on defense. His shot selection is real bad to be a point guard. He has to trust his talent and know when to shoot and when to pass. I call all this growing pains . That coach and player need to work out together

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You watch games and think Lamelo is not on a leash?

Ok, 6 turnovers in 10 mins is bad. You got me there. Please explain his treatment every game not including last night.

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I understand sitting him down after 2 quick to’s. But he went out with 11:08 left in 2nd, didn’t return until the start of the 3rd. That’s what bothers me the most. You have to hold him accountable and coach him up, but I think basically the entire quarter is a bit much.

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A lot of what you call leash is really just a bad real bad player rotation. I put that on JB . Melo plays 32mins a game starters mins. Lately foul trouble has led to 30mpg but . Explain leash beside playing time. Thanks I am really interested. Beside when he sit he had 5 to’s. Ended with 6 and 5 fouls

Borrego pulls him and sits him for long stretches routinely, especially if Lamelo tries to score a lot if we are struggling to score. He gets “punished” every 3 games it seems like. How do we see this so differently?

I do agree a lot is bad rotation. The whole pull him at 6 mins, then play 1-2 minutes at the end of quarter, play to start next quarter 3-4 minutes then sit then sit through meat of the 2nd/4th, then come in for 3-4 mins end of 4th. It is not the way to keep a guy in rhythm.

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Just watch Lamelo’s and Borrego’s interviews from yesterday. There is an obvious divide between them. Borrego blamed Melo indirectly for the loss, and Melo inadvertently hinted that there is friction with coaching staff. It is obvious, and with more losses, the players will be more vocal with the truth.

Season Leaders | Stats |
This is a stats sheet of the top 50 players. Melo could play 3 or four more mins per game i guess but his playing time isn’t that far off. Bobcats the six mins thing is the bad rotation thing i was talking about. My question is can we sit Melo and Terry at the same time? We could play both and use IT as a backup point . Witch might be a better option. Bench scoring is part of this problem in my opinion.

Melo I will try and find the interview .



Thanks for the link .Him and JB could have problems. It’s hard to tell . I am sure JB , assistant coaches , Daddy , Other players are all telling him things . All that has to get into your head.
As a couch coach I think we should start by changing the rotations . Get all the information we can from players about JB. Exit interviews . Last make a effort for experienced talent and address areas of need.

Just because some folks want JB fired doesn’t mean that’s they think he’s the only problem with the team. Count me in as on the fence about JB returning next season. I certainly wouldn’t mind if he’s fired. I’m not gung ho for it either

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And that’s where I find myself too. Just seemed to be getting extremely one-sided to me (in general).

The team, which lives and dies by its shooting, isn’t shooting well.
Melo & Terry just aren’t engaged enough on D. They can be acceptable when they want to be.
There isn’t a plus defender on the roster, aside from maybe Cody (Miles & McDaniels are decent, though).
We can’t protect the rim, so hedge our defending on the perimeter, which means we’re inefficient at both.
We can’t rebound, so don’t get many second chances, but do give up a lot of them.

Some of this is coaching, some of this is players just not fronting up, some of it is roster composition. For me, the blame gets spread pretty evenly across the board … which I don’t feel has been the case on this board.