Can we show a spark vs Celtics?

I think it is coaching team’s job to make sure the players are fronting up.
I cannot blame the roster composition on the coach, you are right in that.

However, I see two options. 1) We either go into a restructure of the roster, or 2) Change the coaching staff. Or you guys can be content with playing for 10th spot, which I am not.

In terms of appropriately “spreading the blame”, which I’ll tweak and rename as “spreading accountability”, I’d say that a lot of this board has really defended JB.

It’s not like the coach isn’t an influence in roster decisions or direction of the team’s style of play. Rotations have been questionable, and certain players don’t see floor time. JB also felt good about this roster shape going into the season. So why shouldn’t he also be included in accountability?

I appreciate that JB has slightly over produced when it comes to Vegas win totals, but I just feel that this team is better than the record shows, or the product on the floor.

And as far as the Vegas win totals that people refer to all the time as something that JB has always exceeded…do people really expect that this small market team that gets very little props or national attention…will be thought to over produce by national media/Vegas going into a season? Of course the Vegas line will be kind of low

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Vegas set the 2021/22 charlotte hornets win total at 38.5

Do we really need to give JB props for winning 39 games with this roster?

Give me a break.


Not giving him props as much as countering the ‘fire JB he’s doing a bad job’ narrative. And while Vegas odds aren’t a gold standard of roster appraisal, they only make money when the odds they set are right … and they make money more often than not.

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JB & team playing the highest pace, possession, transition, and scoring offense in league…elite franchise record breaking, no Hornets team has ever played this wide open before.
But the “playoff” half court offense struggles w/o Hayward, and defense one of worst in NBA.
W/L still secondary though IMO…If Mitch move on from JB just extended deal because now doesn’t like the way all those 12 under rookie contracts are coming along.
Surely easily can find some other 2 million dollar coach to plug in there…our guy Surenkamp not there yet, balance ideal but for money can probably still find one to keep run-and-gun fun time going, or go back to someplace completely different and bring back Clifford. J/K, but a Clifford-type.

I honestly think there is a middle ground that’s right for all.

Roster composition is the biggest one for me. I actually think the quality of player, from both a recruitment and development perspective, and the style of play we employ has raised expectations to a level that’s tough to meet with such an unbalanced roster. That’s why, despite calling the balance of the roster into question, I’m not having a go at Mitch. He has amassed talent, now it’s time to put the pieces altogether. I like the vast majority of players Mitch’s brought onto the roster, but it’s too offensively focused, and we don’t have a starting calibre #5. That has to change if we’re to be a genuine play off team, i.e. can realistically get to the second round.

I don’t think a restructure is required. Bring in a rotational experienced 3&D Wing (emphasis on the D) and a stating calibre #5. That’ll sort a lot of what hurts us. (I also think we need to sort out our Guard rotation, though I don’t want to derail the main point of this by me going on about both Terry and Bouknight being ideal 6th men, meaning we lack a starting SG who can actually guard. Cody’s a great back-up for this role. But this is a different discussion for another time). The subsequent improved balance to the roster added to another year of growth for Melo & Miles, plus the likes of McDaniels, Cody and our younger prospects should mean we’re a playoff team.

I’d want to see JB given a season coaching a balanced roster before I’m willing to make a decision either way on him. And, if Melo is referencing JB when talks of people in his head and is being stifled, I want JB to realise this and adapt. I think he has the intelligence and humility to do so.

Another factor to consider in all of this roster configuration, coaching staff discussion, is Kupchak’s age. He’ll be 68 soon, so how long does he want to do this? If/when he steps aside, what direction will the new gm want to go. I know MJ will have final say, but all gm’s want to have their fingerprints on a team. For me, this makes the timetable about 2 more years, to see where things are going. Then, we possibly could be looking at a complete organization reset.

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Buzz Petersen figures to be next in line, I doubt Michael would go outside of the family whenever that time comes.