The somehow beat the Celtics game

Well it looks like we are really trying to win this game. Which is what I was scared would happen. We’ll win and just continue to stay on this treadmill rolling out Mason 30+ min a game and give Mark Williams no PT… and no trades. Win at all costs.

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I should say… I am still watching hoping for a win…. But in the long run, that is not what we want… to beat another good team to give everyone hope.

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Mason is so useless, and the team’s frustration with him is obvious. Also, Cliff is doing a good job with the tank by being a bad coach.

I woudnt really say he’s a bad coach but we don’t need veteran players like Mason playing so many minutes when Mark Williams has earned minutes. It’s Frustrating and i think we all knew this would happen when they hired Clifford. Jason Maxiel vibes.

Leg 1 of the Boston sweep complete.

Our 2 starting forwards with 3 whole rebounds this game. Great job, great effort. Trade deadline in 3 and a half weeks. Really looking forward to it this time to clear out the junk.


Can’t tell if this is optimism, sarcasm or delusion.

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Gonna bump this headed into the half of game 2. Couple of times it’s looked like the game could get out of hand, but Charlotte’s put some baskets together to keep contact each time. Foul trouble for Ball isn’t good (for you guys) but McDaniels is having himself an afternoon.

I hope the Suns are watching. McDaniels is showing a lot of trade value today.

That Tatum guy is pretty good.

Should McDaniel be a resign?

I want to hate him so much.

And yet, if I had to say why, it’s exclusively because he’s good at basketball.

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I think he should be. Can’t have enough two-way wings, and Charlotte just has to hope that Ball and whoever they get in this draft are your cornerstone players. Unless someone gives you excellent value at the deadline or the front office gets the sense he has no intention of sticking around, I’d keep him.


Well we did not win either game… time to commit to the tank Cliff. Liked seeing Mark Williams back in the lineup.

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Yep! Leg 2 of the sweep complete. It seems maybe the “conversation” with the front office was before the game to get Mark in the game. Plumlee with a great showcase game to up his trade value, always appreciated.

Still don’t understand how Thor jumped back ahead of Kai. Thor looked lost at the beginning of the year, when Kai replaced him he always had a couple wow instances per game, and felt more of an impact on the game with rebounding and paint presence. Then Thor flipping back over him, I have not seen a thing from Thor outside of one game that justifies the switch.

Jalen should be a part of the young core. The confidence in him grows week by week, being consistent and developing his 3 ball, he’ll be a perfect fit going forward.

On to the Rockets, but I feel like they are too good at this to beat us in our battles. Their tankability level has more weapons than us.

Yes. PJ should be the guy we move. Way too inconsistent and simply doesn’t give full effort … but will want paying. Simply not worth it, which is a shame.