Boston February 3PT Clinic

Jason Tatum is stupid good.

A team is making lots of threes against us. :man_shrugging:t2:

Like seeing McGowans playing hard. Williams looks good too. Definitely impacting game.

Glad to see the young movement beginning to take shape. I’d love to see Kai and Bouk…

Mark Williams will become what we wanted Emeka Okafor to be.


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How can Clifford take a shot at Mark Williams on “two blown coverages at the end” while Terry was at times guarding literally nothing for large amounts of tonight’s game. I loathe that unnecessary public ridicule stuff. That was my guy’s first ever start and likely 175% his normal court time. Sheesh


I hate that damn coach and have all year.[MARK] He played well and got a dubble dubble first time out. Notice he didn’t say a thing about Ball palming the ball . He just likes to bully the young players instead of building them up and giving them confidence. PRICK

So this was the first or second full game I’ve sat and watched this season… i believe it was the first, as I think I fell asleep on the first attempt earlier in the season lol. But I decided to watch mostly because we finally rid ourselves of Plumlee. And here are my observations:

  1. That is likely the worst team defense I have seen played in Charlotte pro basketball history. Not taking anything away from Tatum and Boston, but the shots they were getting, save afew iso/contested shots made by Tatum, couldve been taken and made by any team in the league. The PnR defense is atrocious. The help defense is probably worse. And there appears to be ZERO communication. You can tell by what the guys are doing… there doesnt seem to be any feel of familiairity between the guys even though there should be. They should know what their teammates prefer to do on switches, shows, etc. And yet, hedge guys are showing and switching when the primary defender already declared he was staying with the ball handler. I cant count the number of times 2 or more help defenders came off their man to help or run out to defend someone only to leave their man wide open. Seriously, this was worse than the Cats season we earned the #2 pick. I’ve seen 10u basketball teams with better rotations and instincts. I was legit taken aback by how bad it was. And again, aside from maybe asking Cliff to come on and assume the role for the tank, I have no idea why a team playing for a coach known to value defense would look like this.

  2. Mark Williams could have and should have been starting from day one. If he would have, he would probably be getting 20/10 most nights. His defense was incredible, and had the rest of the teams not been so bad and porous, he would be able to play to his strengths even more and be in better position to get more blocks and rebounds. I also cant count the number of times hr was forced out of position to scramble to contest a perimeter shot because all of the guards and wings were so badly out of position. It also appears very little structure is in place to run plays that would benefit him and Melo. They said we should be a much heavier PnR team now with Plumlee gone, but instead, it just looked like Cliff rolled the ball out there and told the guys have fun. But again, seeing the flashes from Williams and McGowens just frustrates me more than encourages me, because they shouldve been playing major minutes before now, especially in a tank year. So not sure what the angle is there…

  3. We better not re-sign PJ. I have not been a fan for awhile, but each time I watch him, most games, I’m not just not a fan of his game, I really grow irritated with him. His shot selection outside of spot ups passed to him is horrible. And again, him being a tweener, I just feel like it puts us at constant disadvantages and creates so many bad matchups for us. He is not athletic enough to hold most wings, but hes not stout or big enough to hold most bigs. I just grow increasingly frustrated with him every time I watch him.

  4. I’m glad I’ve limited the amount of our games I’ve watched this year, because this is incredibly depressing.


Dwight Howard?

Could only watch the first half but may watch the second today. From the box score that looked better.

I just don’t get the JT Thor thing. What’s he do to inspire any hope? McGowens too passive and not touching the ball much, but hopefully that evolves with PT.

Rozier really may be the commander of this tank. I am still not a fan, at all.

Would like to see Kai, but I realize there’s likely nothing there and Cliff knows it.

That’s what I was saying in the other thread. I don’t know what people see in Thor or Kai jones.

Congratulations/commiserations for sitting through the entire game!

To not have a coherent structure in place where we can defend cohesively as a team is inexcusable. It reflects really poorly on both the coaches and players. I really don’t mind if a guy gets blown by one-on-one or simply gets out muscled etc. That can, and does happen in the NBA. I can not abide a team whose players don’t work for each other and whose coaches can’t get them to defend as a unit. Which is unfortunate …

That’s why the ‘roll it back’ with Terry, Oubre & PJ next season concept has me worried. I have seen nothing from those 3 players to make me believe they are willing to knuckle down and work for the team, rather than ‘get theirs’. We desperately need a starting level Wing who can defend and drive standards in others next season.


Hayward, in 30 minutes of court time, took not one 3 point shot and only 8 in total. What is it with overpaid Wings becoming so passive on the Hornets?

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Dwight should have never left Orlando. One of my favorite players back then.

Yes but then I wouldn’t of gotten to battle the rest of t the forum for a year about Dwight

Dwight is currently appearing in Fox’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” reality show and doing quite well.

He’s playing alongside other sports icons Danny Amendola, Carli Lloyd, Mike Piazza, plus a gymnast and ski champion I’ve never heard of. Then there’s the B list celebrities as well.

It’s a weird show but they put the players thru some crazy stuff. The celebrities have mostly bowed out early though a couple have proven very tough.

I’ve been trying to impress the wife how formidable and quietly accomplished Danny Amendola is and I think she’s getting it.

There’s an event where Dwight and Danny are geared up a bit and asked to fist fight/pound on each other as if they are true enemies at war. No holds barred. That was crazy tv. I won’t spoil who won, but no one died.

Can you imagine fighting freaking Dwight Howard…much less Danny Amendola?

Poor Mike Piazza is 53 years old and gets the crap beat out of him by the ski dude who’s like 20 years younger. Damn man.

Edit: lol wrote Rest instead of Test. Also the wife just told me it’s “holds” not “holes” lol who knew?

There’s also a psychological component to the show. It’s mostly dumb filler but there’s one sequence where Carli Lloyd explains the personal costs of her achievements. Had no idea and was pretty floored by her admission.

The trainer’s response to her is “For this, you need to go back to that mindset.” Ha, that’s seriously eff-up.