Preseason Celtics Game

Let’s go.

Tangent: when did “score the ball” replace “score”? Still sounds weird.

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This is not a good basketball team. I know it’s pre season but it doesn’t look one player outside of terry likes basketball.

Cliffords offensive system is awful too. Baskets are so hard to come by and this team doesn’t have the talent to overcome that

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Miller coast to coast! Nice

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The good news is that we’re basically rolling back the same healthy roster as last year +Miller. The bad news is that we’re basically rolling back the same healthy roster as last year including the coaching approach.

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Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call

No cynicism meant here but who would we most benefit from being woken up? Front Office? Coaching? Players?

Don’t breathe on a Celtics player. Hold your breath. Wow. I mean we look bad but refs got 2 different whistles in a damn preseason game

I honestly feel for Eric Collins. So much positivity bottled up by the quality of the product on the floor.

Pretty pessimistic about the owners and the coach. At some point players pride has to kick in

Just reinforces for me…during all the original years of cliff, and during the current run, it always seems so hard for the team to get an open look. Every 3 is always contested, or is funneled to the bad shooter by the d on purpose, which explains our terrible percentage. The time we actually were good at 3 was all under Borrego because we got open looks.

But even more than 3s, our picks are never really picking, the drives always seem to have help ready to contest. Offense is just hard.

Watching the Celtics, they just get open shots so easy. A couple swings, fakes, they could stop to tie their shoe, boom, wide ass open look.

Which, I guess should be fine, since after another mediocre season without the playoffs, will make it really easy for PlotSchnall to clean house with Cliff and Mitch, and get someone with a modern approach and understanding into the building.


I can appreciate that. I am not sure that if 2 out of 3 are broken, the 3rd really cannot do much to stand things up. I am not feeling positive at all about our ownership change. If they had been as aggressive to not offer Miles a 3rd chance as they didn’t tolerate Kai’s schtick, then I could feel a sort of way they were grabbing the reins. I am curious what @cltblkhscoach can report from the Q&A tonight as I wasn’t able to go.

That is what scares me a bit. I don’t want them to wait for more bad results before they move on from things, they have data that things didn’t work already. I mean that more targeting Mitch than Clifford.

Me either on ownership. We’ve waited for so long that I’ll have to actually see it first.

Maybe it’s just me but we didn’t seem to come out very strong, nothing like the Cs did. When they started 3/4 court press it was like we had no idea what had happened

Hey looks like Melo woke up anyway!

that alley oop to a looping jumper is giving me all sorts of “why are we out here?” vibes. This feels like NFL preseason for one team and tune up for the NBA season for the other.

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The Q&A is on the 30th before the Brooklyn game

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Geez, Boston has reverted to playing HORSE and we might still not cut into the halftime lead.

This team can’t shoot. Forget the modern game, just try to run and be a new version of showtime.

I really really wanted Quinn Snyder, but of course he had to take the year off when we were hiring. Then Atlanta was smart and swooped in before the offseason and locked in a good coach.

Monty Williams was right there, but I guess MJ was still in charge and didn’t want to get rid of cliff who saved his face last year.

Budenholzer has a championship pedigree whos ran high powered offenses. Maybe not everyone’s favorite choice, but will be much better than what we’ve had. He’ll definitely be hired in the offseason, so we should pull an Atlanta and grab him before other teams get a chance.

I’ll write this off to Boston being Boston, and this is just preseason. But the energy reminds me of cliffs last year when it seemed everyone was going through the motions.


If NSJ were playing it would be an entirely different game…

Oh. Now he is gonna get some run

Like his energy. Don’t have to wonder if he is giving it his all. He looks to be what I hoped Bouknight would be.

Cliff and the entire staff should be let go tonight.

They won’t, but they should