Preseason Game #2 vs Wizards

Good start for the rook

Where are you watching?

League pass

A certain not so official website

I have seen enough of Ntilikina man he has NO offense

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Lamelo has made a pretty massive jump in man to man Defense.

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Let’s go BMill!!!

What a horseshit offensive foul call that was

BMiller early dunk of the year for sure

Gafford was outside the restricted area but I’ll take that aggressiveness from our rook!

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He was moving and he hadnt set prior to liftoff. Tie goes to the posterizer

No qualms with that!

Hayward has already proven that durability is going to be an issue. I totally agree with Drew Gooden on the Wizards broadcast: Let’s not play games- BMill should start.

He should but he won’t.

McGowens development has really disappointed me.

Please tell me Melo’s minutes stuck at 15 in the box score has nothing to do with injury?

How does NSJr look?

We need to keep RJ Hunter for the tank he is very very awful

Lil sloppy tonight hit a nice floater.

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This was my immediate thought/fear as well when tracking the box score.