Bird Hunting Tonight

After Cliffs reaming last game, I feel the defensive intensity is gonna be way up this game.

Gordon cut his shag off, so he might be due for 20 before his next injury.

Is this the first time the intended starting lineup starts this year? This feels like a game the Hornets will win.

I see I was too optimistic. PJ was apparently sacrificed for Gordon. And 3 point defense apparently was NOT a point of emphasis in practice. And shagless Gordon is not getting 20 tonight.

I wish I could bet money against being right about the hornets. Uncanny (in)accuracy.

(Also Frankie revenge game)

Well at least we held them to under 40 in the quarter….


Gonna be another sad Clifford post game

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If we could just play as hard as we do when all our guys are out, we could win some games. I just don’t understand it.

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He might just resign before then.

Cliff waking up every morning:

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Held them to under 80 at the half.

Thor messed up what would’ve been a beautiful lob

We’re at the point of something’s gotta give, unfortunately mostly injuries put us here, but even if we pull it together and play better there’s a ton of ground to make up.

I still say play the veterans to showcase them for trades at the deadline though and to figure out who the hell needs to stick around for next season.

Due 20 before his next injury? As in, 20 minutes of playing time?

We’ll, he scored 9 this game, so he’s due for 11 more points til he’s hurt.

I truely belive Clifford has compleatly lost this team , The offense is worse and at best the defense isn’t any better. I am starting to belive this culture might start to affect Ball.
We really need to make some moves be for it’s too late.

This says a hell of a lot about Terry. Yes, I’m singling him out, but for good reason IMHO, as he’s meant to be a leader on the team.

For all he brings on Offense and as good of a game as he talks, he just doesn’t walk the walk and 1. Put the effort in on D, which 2. Means he’s in no position to demand that of LaMelo et al.

Kelly is what he is, Mason is the softest 7fter you can find, Gordon is so oft injured and, when he does play, so meek that he’s almost irrelevant in terms of leadership, while PJ is wildly inconsistent and still finding his feet as an NBA starter. Oh, what I’d give for a Marvin Williams type player. An adult, a professional who leads in both example and by holding others to account.

I think Cody is in that mold, but isn’t a good enough player to command the level of respect that’s needed. He’s a good number 2 in this capacity, but please get rid of the rest of them, find a Marvin Mk2 and play the young and hungry guys.

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