Game 1 - Bird Hunting Season Starts

It’s finally here, time to open up the new season! I don’t know if you can fully remove the funk of the offseason, but it does almost feel like a chance for a fresh start, to focus on the actual games.

I know we can’t talk, cause of…everything. But the Hawks just scream a very average, mediocre team. Really good role players though, and a little spark plug with a few hair remnants up top. And good coaching will help.

Hornets actually won 3 of 4 against the Hawks last year, and are pretty decent at home openers, so I think we have a really good chance at a win.

I just feel optimistic to start, for really no good reason. I did feel optimistic about the Panthers this year too, but thats because the coaches and GM were gaslighting us about how they were playoff ready. At least the Hornets… don’t…ok, was just handed notes about Mitch’s playoff comments. Sigh.

Well, until the Hornets break my heart like my Tar Heel football team does every year, I’ll be starry eyed to start until the dirt gets kicked into it. Let’s Go!


ATL added Patty Mills because Trae Young wasn’t annoying enough.

On the wings they have Murray, Bogdanovic, Hunter, Bey and Griffin. That’s a lot for Hayward, Rozier and Miller to handle.

Their front court ain’t so much.

Need Thor to impact the game beyond hitting a couple 3’s. Can he do that?

In what’s felt like one of the longest off seasons, finally the season is here and Hornets basketball back

Are we sure we can even rely on Thor to hit a couple of 3s? If he can do that and become a legit 3&D guy that would be huge.

I agree with QC’s assessment that ATL is very average. They peaked 2 years ago. They’re probably better than us, but they don’t scare me.

And I also agree it feels like it’s been like 18 months since we last played a game. Ready for some basketball!


I am pumped! Who is going??? I will be there loud and proud every game this season! Last year made it to 44 Hornets games lets hope this year I make it to that many lol.

Around game 30 it really gets to be a grind especially if we are not in playoff hunt.

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Thor is quandary to me. For his size I don’t think he has much of an inside game, like almost none at all.

On defense, I’ve watched him get spun around too often or left standing from switches.

I hope he can be better, much better. He has the size and the build for it. Time is ticking. We need More from him.

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He is 21 but I get what you are saying.

Totally agree with that take on Thor. I want him to be good and it’s too soon to give up on him, but I’m not sold on him yet. He teased us with above average D for a rookie, but it seems like he’s regressed defensively since then. And his 3 ball still isn’t consistent. He’s going to have to show himself as more than just average in at least one area to be worth investing in long term.

EC: “tonight we learn about the birds and the bees.”

Never change EC


Those unis look great

Good start!

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I cant express how much I love having Williams instead of Plumlee



Mark has very quickly become my favorite Hornet

Mark Williams is really looking great.

Also, I’m loving the camera presentation this year.

"It's Miller Time!" perfect shooting for his career


I just cant get over how we’ve controlled the paint

These turnovers yikes

Miserable thus far

Funny how a minute thirty can put such a cloud over the previous 10 1/2.

Still lot’s to like

Cmon Cliff this group ain’t working

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