Game 70: Hornets at Hawks

Someone in the media should pick at the scab that is no one ever returning from any injury on this team.

I’m guessing we’ll see those guys, minus mcgowens, next season.

Tell me we have a problem without telling me we have a problem

40 point game and Clifford can only find 3 minutes for NSJ and Bailey. If he’s back, I’m out.

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Is anyone watching?

Yeah I don't blame y'all


I am watching us act like Brandon Miller is a 10th man on offense lol

1 shot in the first quarter. Rinse and repeat


Definitely watching. Not too bad so far but I agree that we should be making more of an effort to get Brandon the ball


Man Grant Williams is a frustrating player offensively


Tre pretty good in the paint


The miles bridges offensive black hole is both impressive and horrifying at the same time


Schnall and JPeterson getting an up close look at this beat down tonight.


Is it bad that a 25pt deficit doesn't really feel like a blow out anymore with this team, more like status quo?


Yes. Yes it is bad

They may not win another game all season. They are just going through the motions.

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Thats fine though honestly I wish they hadn’t won 5 of 6 after the deadline. It would be very nice if we put Miller in position to score a lot more though. He is an absolute afterthought in this offense and it is infuriating.

I haven’t been able to watch a full game or really more than a quarter for two weeks almost

I know how it is - I’ve pretty much turned it off once they’re down by 12 or more because the odds of them coming back from that is low. Not impossible, but low. Then if I get notifications it’s closer after halftime, I’ll tune back in.