Hornets vs Hawks

Looks like the Hawks top 3 guys are out… Young, Collins and Gallinari. We’ve had the best luck these last few games… the basketball gods seem to be behind us, minus the injuries we have ourselves. Should be a win for us.

Does not matter who they trot out, we have to absolutely be 100% there or it is a mised opportunity. I said it prior, I am more worried we don’t show up ready when other teams stars are out.

Luckily… this team has been pretty great at bringing it against teams they should be lately. So, I feel pretty good about it with this group.

Unfortunately, while their entire team is out, they are still starting Capella, which should be of concern for PJ

Well we are cold. Hopefully things will heat up for us. Time to get Martinized.

I agree the potential for letdown is always there when we know teams aren’t at full strength, but all things considered I’d still rather face a teams bench guys rather than their stars.

We couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start. Have to hope we won’t shoot this poorly all day and they won’t stay this hot.

Marvin Williams spotting. Is he doing anything with the Hornets?

Bridges is so impressive this year. Should be an indicator of what PJ could be next year.

Yeah, related, I’m very curious how they use him moving forward. If everybody is healthy, do you try to get him in at the 4 or do you continue to use him off the bench, especially if you have to pay him?

I expect a double digit loss.

We can’t get a board

I expect a bit of a let down in this game.

So far our guys are proving me wrong.

I think if we can just get a lead, even if it’s just a 1 point lead, ATL will wilt.

Shit luck on PJs ankle by hilarious we get an and-1 4 on 5

PJ… welp…20 characters

Yep… add another to the list. Crap man… next man up.

So what happens if PJ is out? Do we start Zeller and Biz as the backup… or so we get one of our rookies in there to backup Zeller?

I was just about to say that this had started to take on the feel of one of those games where we just couldn’t get over the hump and at that very moment Terry drills the 3 to finally put us up. Gritty quarter of basketball. Need one more.

There is no way Borrego puts in our rookies.

Have you watched Nick or Vern play in non meaningful minutes?

Yes and your point is?