Game 1 - Bird Hunting Season Starts

This offense is an affront to basketball.

This offense is the equivalent of the tush push in football.

Except the tush push works.

Offense is an absolute nightmare to watch. Makes me miss borrego.

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I’m not a fan of pulling Melo early then reinserting with the 2nd unit. I’d rather that be Terry. Keep Melo creating for the starters

Thor isn’t great but I wouldn’t get rid of him either. With a good coach and offense he has potential

There’s something quite visually cool seeing Mark out there. He is an absolute presence around the paint.

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It’s the socks. Strong uniform game from him

Turnovers are brutal

Lamelo is 0-8 with about 4 airballs

But Mark Williams is the absolute truth tonight


He is absolutely why we’re still in this game. What a steal

Paging @MurderHornet … paging @MurderHornet

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That Mark Williams block at the end of the half feels like the defensive equivalent of Terry’s jam on KD in game 3 a couple years ago.

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I’ll call that a win of a first half considering we had no rhythm for the first 1.5 quarters and our leading scorer is 0-8.

I missed the entire first quarter but I happened to tune in as terry time started into the 2nd quarter. Too bad about the missed free throws but he looked dialed.

Mark and the boys have GOT to box out. Cliff is going to blow a gasket. It’s not like mark doesnt have the potential to control the boards more efficiently. The “block” was pretty sick against dumb dumb.

Along with Rozier. He’s needed on this team.

Big 2nd half incoming for Melo. Literally couldn’t be worse.

I mean, that fact that we’re down one point and Melo hasn’t scored a FG is a great sign.

And also that this half has proved that mark is ready to take the next leap, but still needs work. Mark’s progression is critical for this team doing anything this year .

Oh and "It's Miller Time!" is already a bust.

Jk little dog, congrats on your first bucket kid. 100% from three is a great start.

They need to go ahead and make these uniforms their regulars. It looks more Hornets than anything else they wear.

Thanks for Terry, Mark, and PJ for keeping the half close. Those slow cross court passes…should not be making those turnovers in the pros. If you’re unsure, and half ass throw it, it’s picked every time. It’s always been that way since James Naismith was a kid.

And I still can’t ever feel confident in these long ass rotations Cliff loves. Mark started great…then sat the next 10 minutes straight, then played the last 5 minutes. Took Terry and Gordon out together, and left us with long periods of Nick, the rookie, Thor, Maledon, and PJ. Coach, we’re not getting points out of that lineup.


Some teams have death lineups, Clifford misunderstood where the emphasis of dead went with that concept

Just Cliff being Cliff.

Mark’s all in Capellas head.

Hoping Melos all star purple patch is about to happen. 2 3s

This substitution pattern (BMill for LaMelo, followed by Thor for PJ) makes no sense to me. Good defensively but what is that offensively?