Hornets vs Wizards

Does the losing streak continue find out tonight!

Are you following the same team? /s
We are not losing, we are winning the lottery for Wembanyama.

If Detroit can hold on, then we’ll be statistically tied for 3rd place right now.


There’s something very reminiscent of Cliff’s last two years here and with this team the last 3 games.

Since Gordon went out, we’ve roughly averaged under 40% from the field and under 30% from three. We’re not beating anyone that way.

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Game pace has slowed to crawl.Reminds me of old Cliff coaching. Kelly has seamed to play a lot better this year. Not forcing the three and he seams to be playing defense.

Kelly did something pretty darn cool. In 29 minutes: 1 made three pointer, 1 rebound, 0 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks.

But 20 points.

I doubt Oubre finishes the season with the team. That’s not gonna fly with Cliff.

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Guys, not sure how you can blame Cliff for this when both of the offensive (universal joints) are out.

Gordo is the second, perhaps most important player on this team.

15 game negative delta over a season without him.

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Plumlee is having one of the best Tank Commander performances I have seen early in season. Its amazing and damn near looks on purpose lol


i love how things fall apart after Cliff subs out Nic Richards and Thor and inserts Plumlee and Oubre. lol. Oof.

Cmon cliff. Those were the guys that got the team in a good spot that game. Why sub them out? What as Cliff seen this year that says, “Yeah, i really want Plumlee in during crunch time”. So yeah, I will put it on Cliff a little there. Plumlee has had very short busts of competence. Which should be his role. Bench guy that can grab some boards and make a few good passes for about 15-18 minutes a game. Any expanded role from that, or expecting Plumlee to be a game closer…eh…

While I’m not saying that I’m disappointed or expecting this team to be winning games with all these key guys missing, but over time I’d like to see Cliff make the personnel adjustment to avoid what happened in this game.

But that was always the concern about Cliff.