Against the East leader Detroit

Big battle for the tank championship. The first 5 mins look like a practice game.

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Just turned the game on at the end of the 3rd quarter. Glad it’s close. It’s so hard bc I want them to win…. but also want them to lose. Pain!

Also… why has Mark Williams only player 1 minute? Did he hurt his ankle or something?

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This game Cliff decided to play Nick Richards, that’s why.

I am sorry but Clifford has officially lost the team and the fans. How do you not challenge that? Ivey clearly pulling on Melo…

There is absolutely no way you can defend Cliff for not challenging that reverse tackle by Ivey. Puts 5 fouls on the only guy with a real chance of winning. But nah.

I appreciate that Ball hasn’t checked out but I don’t think the Great Santini bullshit of Clifford is going to endear his head coach to him.

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Maybe Clifford is trying to make sure we lose? That’s all I can think of.

But good loss tonight. We are who we thought we were… after a few good games.

I disagree on this being a good loss. It’s fine when the players can’t win over better talent. But coaching lost this, and lost to the worst team in the East thus challenging them for that moniker.

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LaMelo looked pissed when he went the the bench after fouling out. Then straight to the locker room at the buzzer.

Just saying that we really needed to lose this one to make sure we are a bottom 3 team… which makes it a good loss.

Great loss! Passing on Duren was so fucking stupid. Well deserved loss!

I get you. I just don’t agree in this case. There are about 26 teams that we can lose to and it’s a net positive. But losing to these guys, now twice, is not a good in any way. I feel certain we’ll be bottom 3 with a win tonight, that’s where I think this undermines us.

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I don’t mind Duren Vs Williams, but instead of giving up the 13th, I would have rather had another good young kid.

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Both Melo and Cliff were pissed at the end of that game. Must be a fun locker room.

You know Clifford isn’t trying to lose. He can’t. But still playing Plumlee and keeping Hayward on the bench at the end surely isn’t winning you many games. It’s just not. I guess Cliff just doesn’t see it that way though.

PJ was having just an awful game but logged 37 minutes including all of crunch time. Jeez what a useless dude he’s become.

Great game coach.

Can we trade Clifford? Just curious.

Melo was completly pissed at Clifford . He shot that last shot and fouled on purpose . He was so pissed at Clifford at the end. I am sure words are said. Clifford don’t take up for his players Melos lip was bleeding from the 2nd quarter on. Clifford wouldn’t even chalange for Mello with 2mins left . He could have at least let him know he had Melos back with a chalange. I kinda expect Melo hurt next game . This isn’t over. I would have loved to see Williams playing against Duran . I think Williams would have kicked his tail. But bad mistake not keeping Durhan .

There is zero reason that Williams didn’t have all of nic Richards minutes.

Other than the hornets completely gave that game away. So that’s a mission accomplished right there

Is it that clear? When Mark gets minutes their numbers are pretty similar.

Mark Williams per 36
18.5ppg 13.5rpg 2.5bpg

Jalen Duren per 36
12.3ppg 12.5rpg 1.2bpg

Obviously per 36 isn’t a great stat but still.

Mark is also statistically one of the 10 best players at challenging shots at the rim in the league atm

Mission accomplished. It’s probably better to lose this way, because I do think it helps make sure that they’ll can Cliff as soon as they get a suitable replacement this summer. No way they let him coach Wemby or Scoot, or whoever else we get assigned by the universe.

I don’t think theres a player/coach rift, Cliff obviously has great basketball knowledge, but damn does he not know how to manage a game at all. Granted, the choices he made helped create this successful loss, so thats a plus.

But again, WIlliams should never be a DNP, or practical DNP. He’s proven better than Richards at this point, sorry you got passed in the rotation. If he’s so desperate for Richards to play, let him take Plumlee’s minutes.

Only one of the 3 centers is considered the future, so he should learn and develop every chance he gets.

I feel like Gordon has been back long enough to be in game shape. Yet the sub pattern is still stuck at easing him back in. Or maybe they’re smarter than us, that most of his injuries happen in the last 5 minutes of the game, so if they sub him out, he won’t get hurt and can get traded easier. And it sure helps he’s been hitting about every shot he takes.

With Kyrie being himself again, suddenly Gordon’s contract can help for 3rd team matching purposes and/or help a playoff team too.

PJ may be a long term play too, let him keep clunking and clanging, then when they negotiate his new contract, they have enough evidence of his suckage to keep his price lower.


If you want a per36 monster, check out Mo Bamba :shushing_face: