Tank War vs Spurs?

We are doing our best to try and lose. No Terry and the secret weapon Svi has seen first half minutes. But we lead by 3 somehow. Lol

Yep, still hate Sochan.

Is this when Mitch falls in love with Svi and signs him long term?

Bryce looking nice. Had a nice dunk and drew a charge back to back.

Kai dressed out, will he get in?

Yep. I was just thinking that. Cliff is gonna play this guy over our original young guys. I don’t really get it. Let’s get kai in the game or even Bouknight man. Let’s see more of what we have.

We are definitely going to have to get lucky in the lottery. I feel like we are going to finish 4th worse… which is fine as long as Mark Williams, McGowans and hopefully Kai at some point out there. I feel we are starting to look a little better… I know it’s the Spurs, but it kind of feels like we are starting to win more games than we should. Haha

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Svi didn’t get the memo… we were sitting Terry for a reason guy… lol

Man… I really like Dennis Smith starting. He brings us so much toughness. The team played hard tonight.


Speaking of Bouknight, apparently he got thrown out of a G League game for pushing an opponent in the back…

Lord what a disaster.

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He needs to get some help this off-season, regroup and give it a try next season. Right now though, not looking like a good pick.

Gordon and Terry should both be dnp - lottery dreams every box score

6th pick here we come

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Train wreck of an individual. That ship has sailed. We need to cut ties.

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6th pick very likely. Could even be 7th with bad luck.

I hope Clifford is not our coach next year. Do not like.


Completely inexcusable

4th best odds is where we’re at, and that’s fine. We’re not going to do ‘better’ than that, so let’s play as hard as we like, as long as our fourth slot isn’t threatened.

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I appreciate the effort by sitting Terry, but it was going to be a challenge to lose to the Spurs no matter what we did.

Despite the win, it was fun watching Williams and Richards challenge or block every shot at the rim last night. That’s a nice dimension we haven’t had since….Zo?


3rd place is still possible, I think. Currently 1.5 games behind Detroit, with 2 games against, and a tougher schedule to finish. However, it would be such a Hornets thing to get on a roll and mess it up.

Okay gordon, time to sit out for a while buddy. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to stay healthy for the rest of the season.

Wouldn’t that be the most hornets thing ever for Gordon Hayward to stay healthy and have him play well enough to win games that keep the hornets out of the running for the overall #1

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LOL. It sure seems that way. I think Emeka was good for 2.6 blocks a night in his third season. Maybe Elden Campbell deserves an honorable mention(?) smh

Hornets Law states that anytime a core early lottery guy drops as a “gift” to the Hornets later in the lottery, said player dropped for a good reason that the Hornets were oblivious to.

See Noah Vonleh, Malik Monk, and James Bouknight…

(Yes, Monk got better playing with actual stars/facilitators on other teams, but apparently went through his growing pains here.)


Good call on Emeka. And Elden. Loved EC’s quiet but effective style. I didn’t really remember him as a shot blocker, but he was just a tick under 2 a game for us. Definitely worthy of an honorable mention.

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I’m sure we could take that back even further and still be accurate. Who could ever forget Kirk Haston who we drafted to get ahead of the NBA allowing zone defense? :rofl:

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