Tank war vs the Rockets Tonight at 8

Battling it out for whose the worst

Epic television. I expect A+ Eric Collins tonight


Tonight, on Tank Wars - A New Hope

The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.

– Coach Stephen Silas

If you take the W Stephen, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

– Coach Steve Clifford


This game is kinda exciting, the big battle for 1st place on the line. It’s gonna come down to who wants it more, who’s willing to put in the effort and do whatever it takes.

I believe we have the personnel and mindset to get it done, but Houston has been at it for years now and its hard to catch the master.

If Guru Cliff can put in the right rotations and adjust his 3 point defense closer to protect the basket, then I think the young apprentices can for sure get it done. We need to get Bouk more time, especially with Kai, Bryce, and Thor - they are our future, and their contributions to this game can help open up new heights in the future.

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This turnover battle around the 10 minute mark in the 1st is something I could watch all night.

It’s great to see some professional NBA players get together for a fun pickup game.

It does have that YMCA saturday at 10 am pickup game intensity

Rommell vs Patton

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It is probably the smallest crowd I have ever seen at an NBA game.

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Weekday edition Dunlap era Bobcats say “hi”

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That didn’t look good for lamelo

Geebus, that’s a terrible looking ankle bend (LaMelo). Hope it’s not as bad as that looked but that looked horrendous.

Man just sit Melo the rest of the season smh

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Agreed… and let’s see what Dennis Smith Jr can do starting the rest of the way.

Yeah, really. That looked bad enough that I wouldn’t be shocked if we don’t see him again this year. Hate that for him. That should just about seal the deal for us having the worst record in the league.

Rockets will still have the worst I bet.

Not sure if the Hornets can get to the Falcon this time.

No one wants to win this game.

Man… If people didn’t like PJ before… PJ’s going to have to go start a street basketball league.

Williams looked great and McGowens continues to show he belongs in the league.

That game had some real Keystone Cops moments.


… of course