Tank war vs the Rockets Tonight at 8

Dang it cliff. You play to win the lottery!

Plumlee and rozier in to maintain the lead. Come on now

Sengun is going to be something special. He was a steal at pick #16 in 2021…while we picked Bouknight at #11…sigh.


I just knew in my heart we couldn’t beat them. They’re just too experienced and too ingenious at this game for us to get ahead.

Of course, in breaking our 5 game streak, we’ve fallen to 3rd place now, and the spurs are trying to creep up.

Sucks about Melo, I guess the basketball gods are doing everything in their power to ensure we don’t try anything sneaky and like win consecutive games or anything.

Mark looked like a monster out thair tonight. The Monster played much better defense than Plumlee tonight.

Is Nick Richards hurt?

No, it’s just Plumlee is alive.

It was a big victory!

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Now has to be the watershed moment, for Mitch and MJ at least.

Let’s give players who might be part of our future the minutes.

DSJ, Theo, Cody, McGowens, McDaniels, Thor, Kai, Williams, Richards.

If we’re keeping Terry, then ok, play him. If we’re keeping Kelly, then ok, play him. But if I see Mason out there (nothing against him, but we have two or three young centres who need the minutes) for much/any longer, I’m going to lose it. I’m as checked out on PJ as he is on rebounding.

With Balls new injury I believe the tank will be in full swing now. This gives us a chance to showcase other players for trade bait.

Definitely on board with the prioritization of the younger guys, especially the young bigs. Plumlee truly has been extremely good for us this year, but that’s all the more reason IMO to shut him down soon. With our injury luck, the last thing we need is for him to get hurt just before the deadline and lose the opportunity to trade him because I have to think a handful of teams are interested given how well he’s played. There’s nothing not to like about what we’ve seen from Mark, Nick and Kai this season. For years that was by far the weakest unit but we’re in a really good place now going forward with that position group.

Where was Theo last night? I assume Greensboro? Terry looked gassed at the end.

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I believe the Rockets gave Silas the exact same celebration after the game for staying in 1st place.

This took me a second. I was like, I know they’re not celebrating a win over the last place team in the league. Then I was relieved to know that it was for setting a franchise record. Then I was pained to realize that this is actually a franchise record in our 30+ year existence. Umm, congrats Cliff for getting the record by default?


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