Houston we got a Basketball Game

Let’s be realgm

I fear this could be a trap game and we will lose.

I hope Monk comes in after this timeout. Seems to be getting deeper and deeper down the bench as games go by. :frowning:

This is some really quite trash interior defense we are displaying today. Also, pretty sure we score a point per minute that Cody Martin is in

This game was 100% a loss if they had not won on Monday, but I have confidence.

Malik is absolutely balling out tonight.

I see that this is one of PJ’S no hustle games

Based on what? He had a great start, he’s had a great game entirely as far as I am concerned.

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Yeah, he’s looking at 20-10 with 2 blocks and 2 3s if he continues this play in the second half.

Rockets’ announcers have been gushing about him.

Also, shout out to the Rockets’ announcers. They seem like the nicest dudes on the planet.

Considering the weak start, not a bad job of getting things sorted and back into it. Really need to come out alert and ready to play in the 2nd.

Ok, “come out alert and ready to play in the 2nd” check
Now, can we keep the throttle down? Please do gang

Yeah Rozier is a keeper unless we get an offer we can’t refuse.

If we win and the Hawks lose we’ll be The fourth seed

That whole 4th seed thing feels fake haha. So crazy. Also, I was hard on PJ for not hustling a couple of times in the first half, but he has had energy for most of the game so I officially withdraw that statement.

He has been trending in a much better direction of late.

My Lord, Malik is just absolutely badass

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We really don’t like playing Richards and Carey

I love Malik so much.

Also, Boston came back big against Milwaukee, still lost. Theis with a wide open corner 3 on an inbound with 1 second left and missed it long.

We are showcasing for tomorrow at this point with this current lineup haha

That’s crap, that was a flagrant 2 - what part of that was an attempt at a basketball play?

Fully Martinized = guaranteed torture or pleasure and nothing else