Hornets @ Rockets: Aura Awareness Day 2021 Edition

Really hope we show up tonight. Can so easily see us expecting the win to be presented to us and we never get it in gear. Hoping for a W, worried is a trap game.

Let’s go Hornets!

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Big chance for a big statement tonight. This is the type of game this franchise traditionally loses. Have to take them seriously. They just beat the Bulls the other night. Somebody guard Porter Jr.

Looks like it’s gonna be one of those nights

Welp, not a great start. But we will recover

Need to find our focus

43 first quarter points for the rockets

Just leaving everybody open from deep. Also refs calling a SOFT whistle on us so far

Ok Hornets, let’s get a big defensive half here

We gonna guard the 3 point line or what?

Please buckle in and play defense this quarter Hornets

This is classic Hornets basketball.

Come on guys

This is taking years off my life lol

Oubre’s 3 looked good. What is it with us and overtime this year?

Jeez we gotta stop playing to the competition

Yikes. Definition of a bad loss. The NBA is interesting this year. Lots of teams still to settle out and fully find their footing 20 games in.

Any loss to Houston is a bad loss, but Houston did just beat Chicago. BUT Charlotte just came off a good win against a hot T Wolves team. Oof.

I tuned in halfway through the 4th.