Game 1 Vs The Raptors

A guy who has made five 3s all season just made consecutive 3s against us.

Hornets Law.


I nominate this law as cltblk law.

You discovered it and formulated it

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Lol I’d like to be known for something positive but here we are

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Good effort but a barrage of 3s in a 4th quarter run took us out. Just not good enough this year

Cliff wasn’t happy after the game. Said we need better effort and we got punked out there.

Consistent themes no matter who our coach is…

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Also said we need more physicality. Not a surprise

Bally was freaking me out with the 8k camera. Was that the first game they used it?

We just didn’t play defense and got punked out thair says Clifford
The ass should take some of the responability and call a time out when the game first turned. He should coach and get his finger out his ass. Thair coach challanged a call with 38 seconds left letting his guys know he had thair back.Cliff talks shit about our guys.

He called timeouts, used all of them as a matter of fact.

I think so, never seen it before

Coach i have to disagree . The game turned at 6 mins. He let the lead grow to 15 and called a time out at the 4.32 mark. He should have called that time out when the lead grew to 7 points. Instead of waiting to the game was over . The team did respond after the time out at 432 mark . He let them score 14 points straight be for he called it.NO game management at all

This is a familiar call from me, but we desperately need a grizzled, tough, experienced vet on this team. One who plays D, is intense and won’t let his teammates get away sub par effort. I honestly don’t care what they add to the box score, it’s what they can add to the mentality of the team. Ideally, a forward, as DSJ and Cody can be relied on to at least put in the effort in the back court.

One of the things you need for these young kids to grow up is structure. A coach can only do so much - you need structure on the floor to put the messages into action.

For all the good that Mason Plumlee has done, he’s not that guy to consistently enforce the message that Cliff is trying to deliver. Terry talks a good game but he isn’t that guy either. PJ isn’t, Melo isn’t.

Bridges was the guy. And it’s glaringly evident that he was much more than our leading scorer. Yes he flamed out and lost his mind against the Hawks in the play in, but that kind of passion and emotion is sorely missed and lacking.

That toughness and grit is what makes teams like Memphis so tough. They got the right guys (and it helps they look like a football team).

Until the Front Office can cycle some of these soft veterans out it’ll be the same story. And the players know it.


Couldn’t agree more, especially re. Terry. The most frustrating thing is, I believe he has it in his locker to deliver on his words.

Yeah, this was what I was getting at a couple weeks ago about our severe lack of toughness on the team. And Cliff can preach and yell about it all he wants, you can’t turn a finesse guy tough. So thats on Mitch more than Cliff.

I remember being excited about Trezz last year because we finally got the tough guy. Then we let him go right back out the door.

In one of these trades we’re looking at, I’d love an old grizzled vet who’s not gonna play, but teach these young’uns the real world and stuff. Maybe someone like Wes Matthews, or Millsapp. I remember Biz used to help keep Melo in check his first year, so I’d take him in a throw in along with whatever else we’re trying to get.

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I think we would be a lot better if we either had players (or probably a coach) who knew how to close the game well in the 4th quarter. Maybe that is as important as the number 1 pick this year.

I haven’t said it out loud; but I’ve had the same thoughts about Bridges.

Some of these guys will get tougher in time. Physically, they’re still growing up. Melo, Thor, Williams and maybe even Kai will get stronger. Problem is they may not be here by the time they do.

But yeah none of these guys could play defensive line for the Georgia Bulldogs. We need to sign a guy with a first name like “Bear” lol.

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Toughness is as much of a mindset as it is in physicality though. Here’s an example:

The premise is meant to be funny, but in there are examples of someone setting a tone for his team to not be pushed around or disrespected. And no one thinks of Jordan Clarkson as a dirty player, but you need someone to set a damn tone sometimes.


I was interested in how well has Clifford has handled this team . We have had injuries and missing one player Bridges. So far after 41 games Cliffs hornets are ranked 26th in the league as being a defensive coach so far. As far as offense we rank 28 . Does Bridges make that much differance on both sides of the ball. JB had thease players ranked in the top 10 on offense all of last season. No way Bridges makes that much differance on both sides of the ball. We was a winning team with last seasons record . This season we in the bottom five on both sides under Clifford. We can stick all the blame on the players if you want but with JB this year we would be playing 5oo ball. You can’t put all this crap on the players when Cliff is the number one change this season . Cliff has made our defense no better at all. And we put all the blame on the players. And our good offense free fall all the way to the bottom. But the blame is on the players.

I think the number one thing has been injuries.

The players were soft and lacked effort on D last season and things are much the same this season, that falls on Mitch, and comes in at number two (I keep switching the ranking between one and two though).

Number three is poor shooting. Players just aren’t hitting the shots this season that they were last season. It’s not as though they were getting tonnes of open looks last season and aren’t this.

Then there’s the Miles factor, and he was a huge part of the identity of the team. Add Miles to this team, bring back last year’s Terry, and don’t have the huge amount of injuries we’ve suffered … it’s a whole different story on offense.