Preseason Game 1 vs Miami

I’m excited, i know its only pre season but i think this could be a really good year. Hopefully we have a year free of Injuries.

Tonight i hope to see communication on defense and a fluidity on offense not much to ask lol, but I’m just interested to see how the draft picks cope and settle in. I’m hoping Nick smith jr is the wild card for us this season.


Good post.

Injuries, as you say, are the key. Next in line, IMHO, is someone stepping up to be the third Guard in the rotation.

If we’re lucky injury wise and a Guard separates themselves from the pack and takes the spot behind LaMelo and Terry, I think we can nudge 40 wins. More than that, though, in this scenario, I think we play coherent, two-way ball and develop an on-court identity for this iteration of the Hornets. Then LaMelo, Miller and Mark (plus Bryce, Thor, PJ, NSJ & Richards) can take us to the promised land of the second round next season!

Most of all i just want to see improvement this year, I’m expecting more structure under Clifford but with an untempo offensive game, under Berego it was run and gun without much defensive structure.

Is there anyway I can watch the game bc it’s blacked out. It’s such horse shit. I really don’t want Bally this year.

Yep, blacked out on NBA Tv even though in Miami. So I unpaused my DirecTV to watch it on ballys. And they have it on the Hawks game.

Always a failure to watch this damn team, even when you try to do it legal.

It’s ridiculous. How are they going to build the fanbase to force people to have a channel hardly anyone carries.

Ok, now I see the hornets logo, though we get the heat broadcast. Guess I’ll take that as a victory, the first of many.

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I’m sure I’ll cave and pay for for Bally again… for an app that hardly works. That makes me reset it everytime i use it.

Dogged by the refs early, at least they are consistent lol. That PJ Offensive foul was an atrocious call. And then a ghost foul and 1 for Herro

Lamelo looking much improved with his defensive techniques early

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Dumb heat broadcasters thought they were great calls of course.

Mark erasing shots. Arms don’t look super thin anymore.

Mark put on 20lbs I believe

If Thor can make that 3, look out!

:eyes: 10 characters :eyes:

Ntilikina looks really, really bad. Why is he taking contested jumpers EVER?


Tune in and a 18-0 run for the Heat. Welcome back guys

Miller was forcing things but they literally did not get him open one time.

Melo being a lot more agressive getting to rim early

Great close to the quarter!