Preseason Game 1 vs Miami


Love me some Melo! Happy seeing him back in form!

LaMelo is good at basketball

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My biggest takeaway from the first half is I never want to see Frankie Smokes back on the floor in a Hornets uni.

He was really bad, coming off a hamstring injury but ICYMI he has never had offense. IDK what they expected

It’s funny, Thomas Bryant is a journeyman who’s accomplished nothing his whole career.

Now that he’s in “heat culture” he’s suddenly an all star.

I swear, there’s gotta be some HGH or lance armstrong style training going on down there

Frankie Smokes needs to quit.

Loving this starting unit, especially the defensive effort. Would love Miller to get playing time with the competent crew.

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Miller needs a little more arc still on his 3, mid range looks advanced.

Looks like right now in a regular rotation he is set for about 15 mins per game or so.

Like what I have seen from Smith

He has always put up numbers though he is just injury prone thats the real reason he has bounced around

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I like Sumner way more than Frankie so far

They both were not good honestly but yes.

If we have to play Mensah at any point this seasom, Lotto bound

Such a Cliff loss. Play a group that couldn’t possibly hold the lead and they don’t. Nice to see things never change

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I think Smith Jr has looked worlds better with the ball than Nit or Sumner

We need to cut a couple of the guards none of them even looked decent. Smith looked ok but needs time in the G league.
We got to sign at least one guy who can play back up point.
Miller needed some burn with a real guard . Those scrubs are not going to help him

Miller between Summer league and today has still not played with a single NBA caliber PG. Not one minute.

It’s funny my biggest takeaway was how unimpressed I was with Frank. I see that was a common observation. Only one preseason game so I’m not writing him off but it seems Maledon is probably the best backup PG on the roster.

Overall pretty good outing as a team to get their feet wet. Really wish Brandon could have played some with Melo but it was a good first game and I’m confident he’s gonna be fine.

This team had 3 jobs this summer, sign Miles, PJ and a competent backup PG. They completed one (and good grief even that was painful). It’s so frustrating. They have depth at every position but PG and just bailed on that.

There is no way they are serious about winning. So close, but, nope. Just asleep at the wheel. I’m really out on this FO.


Top 8: started look good & Nick too. JT at least not as bad as expected…but need #2 pick Miller to be the better forward.

:rage: 5 DNP because of Injuries:

PG Theo, SG Bouknight, SG McGowan.
Guard depth hurt especially late …but really only miss seeing Theo & McGowan. Bouknight keep roster because so many guards suck.

F Leaky-2W, not expect anything but like to see.

SG/SF Cody…crappy backup guards even uglier if lose #1 backup…and dang, not Cody hater but should not be our #1 guard backup anyhow.

Did not like Ntilika signing, not much left over to pick from now.
As soon as healthy enough…maybe even before…Sign Theo to roster & Sumner to TW.

What was seen? Cut soon to be 30 RJ Hunter ASAP.

5 Injuries, Crazy Kai not invited, Miles suspension, at least 2 crappy should have never signed…not a very good group Mitch gives to our coach again.

It beggars belief that the FO didn’t manage to get a decent, functional backup PG in here. It is our absolute Achilles heel. Once again, if LaMelo goes down, we’re done.

We’re pretty OK everywhere else. We’re a goodbye Kai, hello Biz away from being set in the front court. But it certainly would be nice to swap one of our plethora of scoring Guards for a Point Guard.

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I realize it’s just the 1st preseason game, but I’m looking for this team to practice Winning more than anything else. TRY WINNING.

The aloof mentality toward losing needs the scrap heap. Again, it starts with the FO and coaches who truly don’t seem to have any edge in that direction at all.

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