Preseason Celtics Game

Anyone keeping track or watching the Portland trailblazers pre season games?

I know I have.

I just wrote a longish post about this game but deleted it. I just can’t keep re-stating the obvious. The Celtics are much better than the Hornets. In all aspects.

It’s impressive how powerful their core of Porzingus/Tatum/Brown/White and Hardaway is in talent, skill, effort, intelligence and poise. Then add-in deep playoff experience and an iconic history. Kudos Boston.

Just another Hornets game experienced with simmering aggravation. They played with us, not against us. It’s a thing.

I can’t handle a whole season of this guys. I can’t. I don’t even want to go to a game. Sigh.

I just don’t understand how this team didn’t figure out how to acquire a real back up point guard. It’s unreal.

Delon Wright
Cam Payne
DSJ went to the nets on a cheap deal.


It’s a preseason game, but the vibe is so very, very familiar. My stomach hurts.

Worst team in NBA

Our first is high pick protected right?

I know I know guys, it’s a preseason game. And it’s against the best team (or one of the top teams) in the association.

But still.

Lottery protected.

Yeah team we saw tonight won’t win 30 games

Btw… this is a picture of me. I’m on the left.


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It’s funny how Boston and Miami always seem to find the hard nosed, scrappy guys out of nowhere.

The Celtics trade away Robert Williams. And now they have Portuguese Robert Williams. Every guard they find is in your face defensively, and can pass and shoot. Every big is a 3 and D player with athleticism that will dunk on everything.

Is it verified we even have a scouting department? Have we ever uncovered a gem? Sumner and Frankie is what they came up with? Why are they called point guards if their first instinct is to always look for their own shot?

I was almost on the verge of feeling good vibes until Miles fucked it all up again the second year in a row.

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Thought so, for a few years I believe

Too high. Too high

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Wow, that easy over vibe turned quickly

Guess I better watch the replay. Sheesh

Guys lets look on the brightside! If we miss the playoffs this year and next year then we didn’t trade a first rnd pick for Kai!

Also, is Cody Martin’s career over? Like how in the heck did tendinitis turn into being out 2 full seasons or whatever it has been?

Cody Martin had arthroscopic knee surgery on Nov. 7, 2022 and was planned to miss 4 weeks. It’s getting close to a year now. No updates other than knee soreness from our intrepid Hornets training staff and beat reporters.

Caleb Martin is reported to have knee tendinitis and has not played yet this preseason.

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I guess Frank Ntilikina has a hyper- extended knee.


Apparently Theo Maledon is scrimmaging and close to returning from a mystery shoulder injury. So no worries.

Maybe Cody Martin should have been my question for the owners. Lol. The greatest mystery in Hornets history

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His last injury was not good. He did something to his quad after coming back from the surgery. At the time, I was thinking that something was really wrong structurally

I feel like some of you guys are having a major overreaction to one preseason game

Outside of tonight, the majority of the preseason our starting 5 looked really good and while "It's Miller Time!" didn’t have any massive games but he also looked like he belonged out there.

Nick Smith Jr had some flashes and Mark looks improved.

We’re far from a great team but I think there’s plenty to be excited about if you try to block Miles Bridges out of your brain

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Wow, all this melodrama and overreaction to a preseason game where our guys just didn’t show up to play! I don’t think we will be a top seeded playoff contender but come on people! The other preseason games saw us win a game and in the other games where we lost we more or less held our own. I am not ready to go full on pessimistic in regards to the results in preseason basketball games! Go Hornets!